About Us

We look at events and topics locally and around the globe. Alternative media has often proved its worth in reaching the masses, we seek to use this to the benefit of normal people to express their struggles, plight and to give an open insight into what the people really feel.

Some people think some things are better left unsaid, but we try to look at all angles. Posts on our pages aren’t necessarily endorsed by us. We see real merit in having many sides of the story, so we can have an informed discussion on any given topic.

Our team is made up of individuals from a range of different backgrounds and political persuasions, all driven by a goal to uncover the truth and to report it to the people. We here at The Risen People will continue to seek to highlight peoples struggles and causes from across the globe and at home.

To provide us with a story, contact Risenpeople@hotmail.com

To contact us for any other reason: enquiries@therisenpeople.org

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