Undeclared war zone . . . US Police homicides have gone too far

On Saturday we heard reports that a 12 year old boy had been shot down by Cleveland police. The police were phoned when a 911 call about a “man” with a gun that was “probably fake”. During the call the caller added “i don’t know if it’s real or not”.

As we understand it the police officer who shot the boy was not informed by dispatch that the gun could be in fact a “fake” this one mistake led to the death of Tamir Rice.

But on the back of the Michael Brown case this along with many other incidents of people having been gunned down by cops shows a clear underlying problem that is not restricted to one state or county.

In the states the police do not track how many people have been killed at the hands of the police. The FBI keep track of what they label as “justifiable” police homicides which they report to be in and around 400 per year! This is an under count.

The Facebook page ‘Killed by police’ has been keeping track of police killings. There tally listed more than 1,450 deaths caused by law-enforcement officers since the pages launch on May 1, 2013. That works out at around 3 people dieing per day at the hands of law enforcement.

The page doesn’t claim that this is a comprehensive count, but it could be useful — like the count from the FBI’s annual Supplementary Homicide Report is useful — for setting a baseline number of police killings, as long as important caveats are acknowledged.

Note: Not all posts are visible on the Killed By Police page because of a Facebook algorithm,. Every link can be found in

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