Without people power we will face the water tax in the North of Ireland

We done an article yesterday posing the question “Are we seeing a revival of peoples movements across the globe?” describing peoples movements both in the states and in Ireland and how solidarity between peoples of nations can be found by uniting under common causes.

We wrote about the ongoing water tax protests going on across Ireland and how now we could be seeing the people of the North rising with their brothers and sisters in the south.

The Irish news on the 26th revealed that over 35 thousand water meters had been installed and that Irish water sought to stop installing them at domestic properties but was instructed otherwise.

We have been told time and time again that these meters and the unjust water tax would not be brought in up North by Sinn Fein. So how can they defend the moves being made to introduce the means in which to tax households? The establishment up North would do well in learning from events taking place in the South of the country.

In 2007 legislation was passed in the north of the country which requires Irish water to install meters at all properties connected to the new water supply. So how then are certain parties so sure a tax will not be brought in? I think they may  just be trying to buy some time but in the end the tax will be brought thru. It’s one thing after another this is just another attack on the working class to try and squeeze them for all they have.

RNU took direct action on some of the water meters around West Belfast which rendered them useless as well as calling for people to oppose the water charge. People will have to rise up just like the south because without people power this charge will be pushed thru and it will be down to our lack of actions to oppose it.

The water charge at the minute will only apply to non domestic properties until around 2016 but as stated in the Irish news those charges for all properties could very well be brought in earlier because of “budget fears”.

Sinn Fein have stated that they oppose water charges in the South and will continue to do so in the North as well. But like i said Sinn fein seem to be just buying time as they know the charges are inevitable.

The charges will only be inevitable if we the people sit back and take no notice of what is going on. We will deserve everything we get if we don’t stand up and oppose these blatant attacks on the working class.

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