Media wars- Mainstream media the greatest tool to sway public opinion in favor of war…

To this day many people still see mainstream media as a good reliable source of information but is this the case? . Again i will point out why people need to find other sources of info from alternative media outlets etc and not to souly rely on what the tv screen is saying.

Throughout the decades media has been used to sway public opinion from presidential elections to the invasion of sovereign country’s. Most mainstream media outlets such as BBC,CNN and FOX usually tend to skirt around the edges of events without really delving into the story or if needs be they make the story.

In the 1950’s the CIA launched ‘Operation Mockingbird’ this operation was to subdue free press and to control what was and was not for public consumption. In 1948 Frank Wesner was director of (OSP) Office of policy coordination which then ended up becoming the espionage and counter-intelligence branch of the Central Intelligence Agency.

The director Frank Wesner was told to create a organization that would specialize in

“propaganda, economic warfare; preventive direct action, including sabotage, anti-sabotage, demolition and evacuation measures; subversion against hostile states, including assistance to underground resistance groups, and support of indigenous anti-Communist elements in threatened countries of the free world.”

Soon after the establishment of this organization Frank Wesner launched ‘Operation Mockingbird’ which also aimed to control not only domestic news but international news outlets as well.

The CIA at one stage had over 400 agents planted throughout the media world from newspapers to Mainstream media outlets to small magazines. This operation was one that aimed to pull the wool over peoples eyes which in large part succeeded up.

For decades Wesner was trying to find other ways to convince the public that communism was a very real threat to them and their way of living. Fast forward to today and we have another bogey man. The threats of terror attacks after 9/11 was ramped up turning public opinion in the direction the government wished.

The ramping up of FEAR driven media was one of the main reasons the Iraqi invasion went ahead barely opposed by the public. Now we all know that what we were told at the time about chemical weapons etc was all a lie a pretext to invade but hindsight is a wonderful thing. The reasons behind the invasion are still debated.

These tactics serve to bolster those individuals and organizations arguments for war playing on peoples emotions and also sowing chaos among peoples of what ever country finds itself in the cross hairs.

If we move on to the NATO lead invasion of Libya which marked another turning point in the media/information wars. Media outlets ran with the narratives of the establishments without evidence or a clear idea of what was actually taking place inside the country at the time.

This lead to the death of thousands and the mass lynching of African migrants who the media labeled mercenaries of Colonel Gaddafi. The lies continued reports came thick and fast that Libyan forces were actually taking Viagra to rape woman and that the Colonels forces were slaughtering people on the streets.. (

There was no evidence at all to suggest this was true or that mercenaries were in fact being brought in to fight for Gaddafi. This just turned out to be another feeble to play on the heart strings of the public and to ultimately push public opinion in favor of a NATO led invasion of Libya.

During the staged revolution that was taking place it was being sold to the world as a revolution of the people but as we know now this was also nothing more than a manufactured lie for the reasons i stated above.

As the conflict was in full swing some mainstream outlets namely Al Jazeera and Sky news  went as far as showing videos of celebrations that were purportedly taking place in Libya’s Green square in the capital of the country. The video and images actually turned out to have been a staged event that had taken place in Qatar.(

Throughout the coverage images from other revolutions and celebrations were also aired for example BBC showed pictures of an event that looks to actually have taken place somewhere in India while the crowd waved the Indian flag. This is an insult of the peoples intelligence.

The BBC hoped that maybe no one would notice these deceptions. If we fast forward to the Syrian conflict we will see the exact same tactics being applied to sway public opinion.

One of those most noticeable fabrications of events on the ground was that of the nuclear attack that mainstream media outlets portrayed as an attack by government forces on the Damascus subberb Gouta.

But an episode of the ‘Truthseeker’ aired detailing the ways in which this event had been falsly portrayed and even how some of the coverage was edited to suit the narrative that the Syrian army launched the weapon.(

What had not been shown often was the fact that fighters of one of the main fighting groups Al-Nusra had been caught on the border a week or so before the nuclear attack with a quantity of ‘Sarin Nerve Gas’ That along with propaganda videos of masked men claiming to be testing nuclear elements on animals.(

In fact members of Jabhat Al-Nusra had told an Associated Press that they had mishandled Saudi supplied chemical weapons which caused the Nuclear incident in Ghouta.(

The fight against ‘Communism’ having been replaced with the fight against ‘Terrorism’ to adapt to the modern geo political situation we see today. IS is now the big enemy with constant coverage by the MSM along with a huge propaganda campaign utilizing social media and other platforms to reach the masses.

Or we find pick another supposed enemy ‘Russia’ the media in the West scorns and demonizes ‘Russia’ as an aggressor against Ukraine and the ‘Free World’ in general but the people of those Western nations seem not to agree with this analysis. Is it because of a mass awakening to the fact that mainstream media lies ?

At any rate in today’s world media is used more than ever to sway the peoples of the world example of which is that of the enemy ‘ISIS’ which came along months after the push to invade Syria collapsed and the war hawks had to back off.

Again the push to enter Syria was proposed but this time it was the ‘Islamic state’ which was being used as a pretext for war. IS who seemed to come out of nowhere to be one of the most feared terror groups in the world was ultimately magnified 100x because of the constant coverage.

This happened because of the medias constant fear mongering they basically put a magnifying glass on a group which blew them up to be something they are not. Yes the people within ‘IS’ are animals naive brainwashed people but we need to understand they are just another pawn which is being used in the geo political game which we see playing out today across the globe.

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