The Irish Government Stoops To a New Low Supporting The Expansion of Illegal Settlements In the Occupied Territories in Palestine

As this Irish water episode goes on it has come to our attention that the Irish tax payers have been inadvertently supporting Apartheid Israel and the expansion of its illegal settlements in Palestine.

The international transport corporation ‘Veolia’ that has over the past decade helped expand illegal settlements with its secured transport network which spans right across the occupied territories have now also been brought in to help speed up the installments of water meters in Ireland.

The ‘Veolia’ network allows for safe passage to and from settlements not only have this company helped expand the illegal settlements but they have also helped cut up the territories even more as Palestinian citizens are not permitted to cross the ‘Veolia’ lines.

This company is now on the payroll of the Irish state. If it was not bad enough the political elite in power not only want to subdue the Irish people with even more taxes and charges but they also now support the apartheid state of Israel and its continued expansion into Palestine.

This revelation is sure to spur on the anger of the masses. Come the 10th of December hundreds of thousands will be on the street as history is made and as the Irish people look to reclaim their destinies once and for all.

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