‘The Subjugation of Ukraine’

First published: May-19-2014

Today military operations continue outside Slavyansk , reports from
journalist and blogger Graham Philips suggest last night and today has
seen the most fierce fighting thus far in Eastern Ukraine between self
defense groups and the Ukrainian military with shelling and artillery
strikes on positions right across the outskirts of the city.

The people of the Donetsk region voted to distance itself from the Ukrainian
government in Kiev and to form its own state “The Peoples Republic of
Donetsk” on the 11th of May. The Ukrainian military has still not moved
its units out of the region and has even stepped up operations, this
after an ultimatum was given by the self proclaimed government in
Donetsk for the call to end the occupation by Ukrainian military within
the Donetsk region, this has been ignored and has seen the numbers
within self defense groups grow larger by the day with ordinary people
joining up to fight against the military forces.

As i have shown before the mainstream media outlets in the West have ran with the
establishments narrative hook line and sinker, that’s not even counting
the hoards of useful idiots who have fell for the lies and feel the need
to continue to try and argue that somehow Russia is the power behind
the destruction and carnage, most of these arguments are never backed up
with facts or sources, mainly just hearsay and rumors, they would have
us believe the defense militias are outside elements who are invading a
country for no other reason than to take over, but it’s not as black and
white as suggested, for anyone who has been keeping up to date with
events in Ukraine, namely in the East of the country where Ukrainian
military “Terrorist operations” have been taking place will know that
these self defense groups are made up of locals from the cities and
villages within the region.

There is literally no evidence to suggest Russia is on the ground in the East ,if there is i would love to see it, i am not talking about Crimea as it was a totally different
situation in regards to agreements with Ukraine and Russia, but the same
can not be said for NATO and the US, don’t let facts get in the way of
a good story ey? RT’s Daniel Bushel exposed the extent of US and NATO
medal ling within Ukraine on his show Truth Seeker which aired on the
18th of May (http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=c05_1400450757) still people
try and argue that because it’s shown on RT’s network it must be lies
and propaganda without ever going and checking for themselves, i have
seen this a lot as of late, and it’s not surprising given the mass
information war being fought across the airwaves.

Ever wonder how so many different mainstream news outlets seem to be talking off the
same script? That’s because they most likely are, there is not numerous
US mass media news sources at all in fact there is just five. Five vast
corporations which have control and power over 90% of US media with
direct links which connect all five of the major conglomerates to the
Political establishment, with major connections to economic and
political power-elites of the United states.

These five conglomerates are Time Warner, Disney, Murdoch’s News Corporation,
Bertelsmann of Germany, and Viacom (formerly CBS). Their control spans
most of the newspapers, magazines, books, radio and TV stations, movie
studios, and much of the web news content of the United States. These
conglomerates are in large measure responsible for inculcating the
social, political, economic, and moral values of both adults and
children in the United States and beyond.

In the UK and Ireland it is not much better, the tentacles have been spread far and wide the
BBC and ITV has always pushed pro war scripts alongside their cohorts in
America to galvanize the populace and get them ready for war, but
people are thankfully waking up to the fact that most inside these
establishments and institutions do not care for anyone but themselves
and their cohorts in power. But this is not enough to stop the bloodshed
perpetrated by the west US, and NATO, as the days go on more and more
incriminating evidence is being piled against the perpetrators, it’s
becoming increasingly difficult for anyone to denie the true enemy’s of
humanity in fact it’s getting ever more embarrassing for those of who
believe NATO,US and the EU would never do such things. Gullible fools to
say the least and sheer ignorant of facts.

We have already seen how these outlets try and suggest everything that has and is happening
is down to “Russian separatists” some even still run with calling these
defense militias “Terrorists” this is a very dangerous game being played
as the people taking up the defense of the cities and villages are but
ordinary folks , heavily armed it must be said. From what i can see, if
operations continue there will be much much more bloodshed.

“Right Sectors” leader Dmitry Yarosh on a live televised debate with three
other nationalist presidential candidates seen calls for a large scale
Guerrilla war against pro-fedralist Ukrainian citizens, and to also
conduct assassinations on the leaders of these groups in Easter Ukraine
(http://rt.com/news/159712-guerilla-war-ukraine-yarosh/) comments like
these only help to fan the flames of war and do nothing to quiel the

The wholesale of Ukraine began shortly after Maidan
leaders came to power with a 10 million pound deal signed with Chevron, a
huge IMF loan which will see austerity type programmes being laid upon
the people of Ukraine which will see poverty rise right across the

In order to alleviate energy dependence on Russia the
pre coup government in Kiev have also resurrected a contract which was
stopped 2 years ago for a US company to supply fuel to Ukraine’s nuclear
power plants. The use of Fuel rods from the US was banned in 2012 due
to dangerous incompatibility with thee equipment in Ukraine. Ukraine
relied heavily on Russia for many years, but the switch from Russia to
the West has well and truly been set in motion with these deals, and it
does not look as bright as the Kiev government had first thought or
wanted. Again those who will feel this the most are the working people
of Ukraine, the ordinary people, families will all be hit by these deals
struck with the IMF and world Banks without consolation with the
people, they will not see any benefits coming from the wholesale of
their countries resources to foreign company’s, this is what people are
supporting when they support the coup installed government. The
subjugation of the people and the destruction of the fabric of Ukrainian
society, some say it will be worse than that of Greece, if so i really
feel sorry for the people of Ukraine.

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