‘The World is Entering a Multi-polar Phase in Global Governance’

First published Sep-5-2014

The moves we are seeing on the international stage by both East and West
have in part been driven by the rise of the BRICS nations and the fall
of the Petro Dollar system. The sanctions on Russia are not only to do
with Ukraine but also the continued growth in BRICS, anyone or anything
that rivals the Dollar is an enemy to those who want to keep the status
quo. But as we are seeing, the move to a more multi polar world is well
underway – both in regards to economics, and actions being taken to
oppose Western Hegemony.

We have seen the construction of US military
bases all over the globe, the disintegration of nation states and the
subjugation of nations through economic terror driven by the IMF and
Rothschild owned Central Bank. This is nearly always inflicted on any
nation that has had the misfortune of falling into the cross hairs of
the US sponsored regime change – one comes after the other it seems,
with the continuation of NATO and its shady moves dominated usually by
certain countries or country all in the name of spreading ‘Democracy.’
In 2000, there were 7 countries in the world without a Rothschild owned
Central Bank: Afghanistan, Cuba, Iraq, Iran, Libya, North Korea and
Sudan. In the following three years, we all know what happened, and lo
and behold, Afghanistan and Iraq gained said banks. In the next three
years Libya and Sudan followed suit. This leaves only Cuba, North Korea,
and Iran as the only countries in the world without a Rothschild-owned
Central Bank. Interestingly enough, General Wesley Clark describes a
memo which he received in the months following 9/11:

‘And he said, “This is a memo that describes how we’re going to take out
seven countries in five years, starting with Iraq, and then Syria,
Lebanon, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and, finishing off, Iran.”’ – General
Wesley Clark.

Putin’s move to stand up against US dominance to step in to protect it’s allies
and of course its own interests in Syria was a turning point in the
international arena. It was a stand against what has been the norm for
decades with certain establishments able to go to war or to create
regime change on a whim. The stand from Putin should of course been with
Libya which could have saved many thousands of lives and maybe it would
have saved Libya from the turmoil it is in now and maybe even stopped
the conflict in Syria from escalating. Who knows. What I do know, is
that the so called Arab Spring was manufactured by outside players with
many different agendas – the people were played like pawns.

China and Russia continued to Veto any moves to topple the Assad regime,
while those that wanted to see Syria end up like Libya sat foaming at
the mouth furious that realities were changing – the US was not now the
sole dominant nation on the international stage. If you think of the
globe as a giant chessboard, each player is making moves to contain the
other and the pawns each get closer and closer until one has to make a
move to decide if they keep or lose their pawn. In Syria, when China and
Russia vetoed sanctions and suggestions of intervention, this was the
US losing one of their pawns, the game is now in full swing with flash
points around the globe: Syria, Ukraine and Iraq being the main stages.
People speak about world war 3 but i am content in saying world war 3
may have started a long while ago.

In recent days David Cameron has announced that the UK might go ahead with
strikes on ISIS both inside Iraq and Syria, even after Syria warned
that strikes on its territory would not be tolerated. This doesn’t seem
to matter, as Prime Minister Cameron dismissed suggestions that bombing
raids in Syria would need permission from Damascus, this would be a
blatant breach of international law and a breach of sovereignty,
therefore Syria could respond accordingly if they decided to do so.

All of this combined has the potential to be a Cold War 2.0 scenario, and
it seems many are thinking in such mentalities from the Mainstream to
people in the highest echelons of power. This is a dangerous road we are
headed down, old ways of thinking need to be shed before we can move
forward as a world, if the NATO expansion towards Russia’s borders and
the expansion of the US empire into Asia does not cease we could see a
very real world war being sparked. This is the last thing we want! We
have enough war and strife already, for a very clear world war to kick
off would be disastrous for everyone.

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