Call for revolution Ireland 10th of December. The Irish water episode the straw that broke the camels back…

On the 10th of December we will see once again the people of Ireland taking to the streets in their hundreds of thousands. The government thought by using the Garda to quell the protests taking place across the country would stop the people rising up but they were badly mistaken.

The Irish people felt the brunt of austerity for years without incident but now in 2014 they are rising to say enough is enough and that this government must go. The Irish water episode was indeed the straw that broke the camels back.

And the revelation that the Irish government has also contracted a company that helps in thee expansion of the illegal Israeli settlements in the occupied territories Palestine to help install water meters just shows us the depth that these people are willing to go to forward their agenda.

On this day alternative media is sure to be buzzing broadcasting around the globe as history is made here in Ireland. After the launch of the propaganda campaign by the mainstream media as actions by the people were stepped up it shows us how important the alternative media is.

Alternative media has helped in countering the lies and deceptions of the mainstream media. Because of the connections made over social networks, forums and video hosting sites the world is watching and on the 10th of December the Irish people will answer the call for revolution.

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