‘Iraq , the middle east situation and the US’s Trojan horse in the region.’

First published Jun-23-2014

Today we see the remnants of occupation in Iraq which lasted from 2003-2011, the US led invasion which subsequently led to the fall of Saddam Hussain and anything linked to him or the regime , which meant the destruction of infrastructure the disbanding of the army the destruction of hospitals homes schools the list is endless, i like many others believe the episode we are seeing in Iraq right now with the rise of ISIS is indeed an echo from the past, the power vacuum left by the occupation seen the rise of extremist groups along with puppet leaders the nodding heads of the US more a less lackeys of the empire all jockeying for power, of course most of these puppet leaders placed by the US are chosen long before the actual situations, and sometimes if not most times they also recieve training within the states as seen with lieutenant general Khalifa Belqasim Haftar in Libya ( http://peripheralrevision.wordpress.com/2011/04/04/khalifa-haftar-the-cia-trained-leader-of-libyas-rebels-cnn/ )

The extremist groups have and still are being funded by western agency’s in Libya and Syria this continued even after the fall of Colonel Gaddafi,only difference the targets changed, that change was Syrian President Basshar Al Assad and the Syrian Regime. It was later revealed that the gun running and support operations were in fact being run from the US embassy in Benghazi, the same embassy which seen the deaths of Ambassador Chris Stevens and three other Americans,you won’t be surprised to know that up to 35 CIA operatives were “on
operations” in Benghazi alone at the time of thee attack. Other
country’s conducting such actions are Turkey,Saudi Arabia,Israel and
Qatar also with reports of British intelligence on the ground in these
country’s. but many ordinary folk do not realize this,
many do not realize the true extent of what is happening in our world
today . Ever since thee attack on the US embassy and the shady workings of those connected to
the intelligence services namely CIA supporting Islamic rebels within Libya which then
resulted in the arming of hundreds of different groups ISIS, Boko Haram
were among those groups,

Israel is rumored to continue to maintain a very tight relationship with the Turkish military and secret service (despite the distancing of the recently less secular Turkish government from Israel after the killing of Turkish citizens and others during efforts to break the Gaza blockade). There have been repeated hints of back channel talks between the Saudis and the Gulf States and Israel, who would not be disappointed to see Iran’s nuclear program destroyed or seriously set back. It’s clear to see that the the goal is in fact Iran, same game again in Ukraine, the goal , Russia, these people are not concerned with ordinary people of these country’s they only care about their own interests but resistance to the domination of the world stage by one nation or nations allied country’s has gained momentum which can only ever be a good thing as this domination is destroying nations and turning them into failed states, Syria was the game changer the US expected to have toppled Al Assad by now but it seems they have at least quietened down its open calls for interventions and the removal of Assad and the government, this does not mean operations are not carried out in the dark but they are and continue, as does the support by people online for these establishments and actions against sovereign nations and peoples.

The propaganda machines were set in motion blanketing everything that has happened in the middle east from the BBC, ABC, MSNBC, CNN and Fox all blasting out continually the speeches by Obama talking about action against ISIS or launching operations and finding the 200 girls who were kidnapped by Boko Haram in Nigeria back in April, you would be forgiven in thinking that these establishments are actually trying to give real solutions to the ongoing situation in the middle east, but in fact over reach and continued medal-ling that has led to all this death and destruction, the medal ling that has seen the arming and bulking up of extremist groups across the board, all supposed enemy’s of the West? Controlled opposisiton or not so controlled as the beast has turned into something of a nightmare for these establishments who have a stake in events in the middle east. There has indeed once again been an escalation in the propaganda war, continued demonetization of the Muslim community and Muslim world in general all the while supporting extremists Islamist groups and Far right organizations around the globe,smoke and mirrors. The people are being played and for those not able to see that by now you really should try at least to understand the world is not as black and white as you believed, all this has been non stop, now it seems it has started once again but with even more ferocity

The fact of the matter is the US’s foreign policy has dictated the direction of certain country’s and member states of NATO for decades, which in turn has led to the precarious situation we now find ourselves as a global community, as i have said before it’s up to us the ordinary people to speak up and spread the information “No country can really develop unless its citizens are
educated” Nelson Mandela. It’s happening already but it needs to continue both for the individual and the populace of any given nation of the world so that these peoples may direct their own destinies and not to have it chosen for them by outside powers.

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