‘The Modern Day Crusades Of The Middle East’

First published Aug-28-2014

The situation we are now seeing play out in the middle east are literally
echoes from the past, the past invasions occupations, the past training
and funding of fundamentalists and the past slaughter of hundreds of
thousands even millions of innocent people in the region.

The rise of ISIS did not happen on its own, gradually over the last decade
the same people filling the ranks of ISIS were also trained, armed and
funded by the same Western powers who are now seeking to stop them in their tracks in Iraq, the militants have also had full backing of the Gulf states namely Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Kuwait.

money is going through Kuwait and that it’s coming from the Arab Gulf,” said Andrew Tabler, senior fellow at the Washington Institute
for Near East Policy. “Kuwait’s banking system and its money changers
have long been a huge problem because they are a major conduit for money
to extremist groups in Syria and now Iraq.”

paving the way for the rise of ISIS and other extremist groups, this coupled
with the push to arm so called ‘Moderate’ opposition fighters has lead
to an extremely well equipped ISIS this inherently lead to what we are
now seeing in Iraq with several towns and cities fallen into the hands of the militants each time acquiring even more equipment and supplies including American made vehicles, arms, and ammunition.

constant NATO bombardments of regime emplacements and positions. The NATO
operations began on the 19th of March 2011 with a total of 759 strikes
killing many hundreds if not thousands of innocent people from Sirte to

The US along with the UK,Turkey, Israel and those Gulf states mentioned all
had a major part to play in the growth of these extremist groups, be
that through the air strikes, training, funding in Libya or letting such
groups use border crossings to launch attacks on sovereign states like Syria.

Not long after the Western sponsored rising began in Libya some groups
within the opposition started rounding up migrant workers and
systematically killing them, the reasons behind this we were told is
because these people were mercenaries of the regime and had been brought
in by Gaddafi to fight the so called ‘rebels’ and crush the revolution,
no evidence was ever provided to suggest this was the case, this did
not stop those groups from systematically murdering thousands under the
watchful eye of the Western powers, this would set the stage for what we
are now seeing in Iraq and across the region…

At the time of the US consulate attack there was uproar, the media would
have us believe the uproar was because of an anti islamic movie
seen by millions at the time but of course that was not the case, the
fact was the CIA were running guns and training opposition fighters from
the US consulate, dozens of CIA operatives were reported to have been
in the area at the time.

Those within the US government who knew about the CIA operations also knew
about the coming attack which seen the death of US ambassador Chris
Stevens and several other American nationals.

These operations looked to bolster the ranks of the opposition groups who
were being sold to the Western populaces as moderate fighters in an
organic revolution against the “Tyrannical” regime’s all of which was
untrue as we now know, the main winners in all of this were the main
extremist groups like ISIS and Ansar Al Shariah and those backing these
groups, or so their they thought…

The same groups fighting in Syria against the Assad regime were those in
Libya using Libya as a staging post to launch attacks anywhere in the
region like in Iraq with the rise of ISIS Libya is also a gateway to

Interviews  done with former ‘rebels’ over the last few years who both fought in
Libya who found themselves gradually joining the ranks of ISIS and
Al-Nusra(Linked to Al-Qieda) suggest a large percentage of those
militants were in fact trained and armed by Western powers such as the
US and UK.

Senator John Mcain was pictured with an ISIS commander who he said was a
moderate and so did the mainstream media at the time who have been more
than willing to run with the establishments narratives. What the
Main-stream failed to explain was that 2 of those pictured with Mcain were involved in the “kidnapping of 11 Shiite pilgrims one year ago.”

See article below about false narratives and deceptions by the media


The UK government had a hand in funding and supporting the so called
‘moderate’ fighters with logistics, armored vehicles and non lethal aid.
They also aided the same people in Libya during the NATO bombardments
it was full speed ahead until this snag in the road.

Even after seeing the monster they help create with hundreds of people
leaving the UK to fight in ‘Holy wars’ in Syria, according to Foreign
Minister Philip Hammond they only deal with ‘moderate’ fighters with the
usual outcome the weaponry always seems to make its way to these main
extremist groups, they are adding fuel to the fire with these actions.
This man was also a British Army Officer, how he can disregard this threat
with his supposed know how on this kind of thing is beyond me.

video which was uploaded to youtube, the commander said they were supplied
with both military aid and funding, the commander also said he would
bring fighters from the front to Israel but only when he let them know
they were coming, Israel would
then send these fighters for treatment and send them back to Syria, this
just confirms what people have suspected over the recent years.(https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=51jK1miaGAM)

“In the East of Syria, there is no Free Syrian Army any longer. All Free
Syrian Army people [there] have joined the Islamic State,” says Abu
Yusaf, a high-level security commander of the Islamic State.

IS took over oil and gas fields in eastern Syria, they also obtained large
amounts of cash and gold(From banks in areas controlled by opposition)
and at the same time obtaining large amounts of equipment and weaponry
in it’s fight against the Iraq and Syrian armies.

From way before the conflicts we had the usual warhawks within certain
establishments and media outlets calling for the overthrow of Gaddafi
and the regime, this was nothing new the same thing happened in Syria
with calls to topple Assad which very nearly seen the US going alone to
strike targets in Syria against the regime on false pre-texts(See
Article above)

A high-ranking official of one of the Western secret services directly
expressed his concern about turning of the controlled Islamic extremist
enclaves in Syria into one of the strongholds of “global jihad”.

Hundreds of Muslims from Europe and the United States, who wish to gain combat
experience on the side of the terrorists, go there. He went even
further, underlining that “the armed forces of the Syrian regime should
be preserved for future battles with the Islamist’s.

There isn’t just one overwhelming objective when it comes to the Middle East,
there is a number of things at play when it comes to the ousting of so
called ‘Tyrannical’ governments over humanitarian grounds which are
never really founded in reality, or the moves to support certain
factions to fight proxy wars.

Now the powers that be have Russia and BRICS nations making major moves
both in terms of economics, technology and also the fact Russia has
started to stand up to address the unbalanced world order, the empire of
the US has been falling and they are afraid of that, it’s like holding
onto sand pouring through your fingers and the sooner people wake up to
this the better
It’s clear that governments who align themselves with the US must follow
foreign policy not set by their own government but the government of the
US itself, to safe-guard firstly its own interests in the Middle East
those of who defy this are quickly in the firing line either for outside
sponsored revolution or all out invasion which is never called invasion
always a revolution but as we know the occupation does not need
soldiers on the ground or military bases to subdue nations, not anymore.
See article below (http://www.liveleak….=17f_1400531701)

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