Actions need to be escalated and momentum maintained in order to keep pressure on the Irish government

The 10th of December seen a ground swell of people taking to the streets in sheer anger at the Irish governments continued attacks on the working class. Many thousands have said no the water meters and another water tax as the Irish people have already payed for their water. The Irish government then is seeking to make the people pay twice for their water.

This was just one of many reasons the Irish nation stood up to face the political elite in Leinster house. For the last 5 or 6 years the people have been facing cuts and lower living standards in general to pay off a debt they themselves did not create.

This has been seen right across Europe as well in turn the people stood up and let their voices be heard. Ireland may have took a battering before standing up but it’s better late than never.

Members of Detroit’s Detroit Water Brigade also came to Ireland in solidarity with the people on the 10th of December. It is great to see what the people can achieve when we unite and fight together.

The momentum must be kept in order to keep pressure on the Irish government. In recent days there have also been calls for the trade unions to come out on strike and “shut down the state” by the Irish Republican Socialist Party(IRSP) in order to escalate the actions being taking to oppose this government.

We are on the cusp of very real change here in Ireland it is now up to the people to make sure change happens..

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