It’s only the tip of the Iceburg : Release of CIA torture report.

We have learned that days before the release of the CIA torture report Secretary of state John Kerry had tried to halt its release. In a phone call to Senate Intelligence Committee Chair Dianne Feinstein Kerry asked to “consider” the timing of the the release and implying that its imminent public revelation could endanger overseas personnel and international partnerships at a time when U.S. foreign policy is fragile.

The CIA torture report documents heinous crimes of torture and sheer brutality. It’s not just the U.S. that’s involved either the UK spy agencies had pushed to hide the UK’s links to torture on grounds of National security.

The report also stated that over 100 prisoners had died due to torture. All of these revelations did not stop certain news outlets trying to justify or just make light of the report. Again if there was ever a reason to believe certain MSM outlets are in cahoots with the establishment this is it.

The CIA had attempted to keep this report secret but a decision just this week by the “intelligence committee” had been made to make the report public.

A spokesman for David Cameron had confirmed that the UK had been granted deletions in advance of its release. The spokes man said that any redaction’s that were made on grounds of “National Security” and that the report contained nothing to suggest the UK was a participant in the torture of prisoners.

So should we just take their word for it? Of course not, the UK is no stranger to torture tactics which have been used the world over. On Wednesday the day of the release David Cameron’s official spokesman had told reporters that no redaction’s had been sought “none whatsoever to my knowledge” this is in contradiction of what was said by David Cameron’s other spokesman.

The establishments and intel community seem to be falling over each other in dismay at this report. This report is just the tip of the iceburg in regards to torture of prisoners and tactics employed to get information out of them usually proven to be false information as well.

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