‘War crimes committed now we must hide….’

First published Aug-8-2014

Nearly a month of strikes on the Gaza strip has left 2000+ dead and
nearly 10,000 injured, over 400 thousand people have fled their homes
and urgently need water & medical aid that is 30% of the population.
Emergency appeals have been made right across the globe in aid of the
people of Palestine, many people are crammed into UN shelters some of
which were targeted by Israel during the month long assault on Gaza,
65,000 homes have been damaged beyond repair.

It also believes 24 health centers, including hospitals and medical clinics, have been
partially damaged. Eight water pumping and sewage stations have been
bombed and destroyed in Gaza, affecting some 700,000 Palestinians.

A humanitarian crises was declared in the midst of the bombardments on
the strip, even before the latest round of strikes the people of the
Gaza strip were on the edge of a crises, this would mostly have to do
with the 8 year old blockade, of the Gaza strip, restricting imports and
exports of goods and essential aid, no doubt everyone would like to see
this blockade lifted as it goes against international law and basic
human rights nut Israel is not willing to do this. Today as the 3 day
ceasefire was coming to an end Israeli military kick started its
offensive in Gaza strip again killing one and injuring at least 8 others
according to Al Arabyia.

All of this can only continue with the continued full hearty support of Israel by the United States of America, topping up Israeli munitions as UN facility’s are being struck is not a
good way to go about creating peace in Palestine. On August 2nd a march
for Gaza was held in Washington D.C. , Dr Cornel west lambasted
President Obama as a war criminal for his continued support of Israel
and use of drones around the world to assassinate people including
American citizens.

“There’s an intimate connection between mendacity and criminality, between lies and crimes against humanity,” West said. “And what I want to say to my Black brother in the White
House: Barack Obama is a war criminal – not because he’s Black, or
half-African and white – but because his drones have killed 233 innocent
children, and because he facilitates the killing of innocent
Palestinians in Gaza and the West Bank, and it would be true anywhere

“Benjamin Netanyahu is a war criminal — not because he’s
Jewish, but because he has chosen to promote occupation and
annihilation,” West claimed. “This is a human affair.”

“He’s just too tied to Wall Street,” West said. “And at this point he is a war
criminal. You can’t meet every Tuesday with a killer list and
continually have drones drop bombs. You can do that once or twice and
say: ‘I shouldn’t have done that, I’ve got to stop.’ But when you do it
month in, month out, year in, year out – that’s a pattern of behavior.”

“I think there is a chance of a snowball in hell that he will ever be
tried, but I think he should be tried and I said the same about George
Bush. These are war crimes. We suffer in this age from an indifference
toward criminality and a callousness to catastrophe when it comes to
poor and working people.”

Netanyahu is so pre occupied trying to keep himself from being tried for war
crimes he has asked US lawmakers to help him fend off Palestinian claims
his country engaged in war crimes, but these so called claims did not
only come from Palestinians the UN itself declared Israel committed war
crimes when it struck schools and UN facility’s.

Palestinian leaders are getting ready to join the ICC, and met with officials in The
Hague recently to discuss the implications of joining.

“The prime minister asked us to work together to ensure that this strategy of
going to the ICC does not succeed,” Rep. Israel told The Washington
Post by phone from Tel Aviv.

This time around the pressure being put on the powers that be has been overwhelming and
should continue to be ramped up, not because we support one group or another group, it’s simply support for peoples basic human rights to live free from the constant clouds of death, be that in Palestine, Afghanistan, Syria or Ukraine people deserve to live.

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