Review of the Top 11 news stories of 2014

Revolution, wars revelation & technological advancements we have seen it all in 2014 but there are a few stories which stand out for me. Below is a compiled list and summary of events in which stood out the most for me.

(Note: The stories listed from one to 10 are not ranked on which story is more important than the other but rather a list of stories that stood out the most for me personally)

Number one story to hit the headlines in 2014 was the murder of Michael Brown and Eric Garner policestatepic1and subsequent deaths by cops afterwards. It has been a recurring theme in U.S. society for generations were mostly unarmed people are brutally shot down by cops on the street.

The police killings of unarmed blacks in Ferguson, Missouri, and elsewhere – and the investigations and tumultuous protests they inspired – was the top news story of 2014, according to The Associated Press’ annual poll of U.S. editors and news directors.

Number twebola-viruso story was that of the devastating outbreak of Ebola in West Africa spanning several country’s. Many thousands died due to lack of education about Ebola and the lack of response by authority’s to combat the outbreak which spread like wild fire among community’s..

There has been no new cases reported in Mali since November 24, 2014. The outbreak has been swept off the headlines after being there for many months, wall to wall coverage and the usual fear driven reporting we are used to seeing from the usual Mainstream news outlets.

Number three is the tragedy that took place far off the Australian coast where Flight 370 vanished. MH370

But more than nine months after searchers began scouring the seas for a Malaysia Airlines jetliner that vanished with 239 people aboard the whereabouts of the plane has yet to be discovered.

Many reasons for the vanishing of Flight 370 have been giving from hijacking to being shot down by fighter jets but the fact is we don’t know and until we find the missing plane and the 239 victims we will never fully know what took place on that terrible day.

Number four the situation in Ukraine. Protests which were supported and funded by NGO’s who in turn were supported by the U.S. government to promote a warped view of ‘Democracy’ within the country.

Those of you who have been keeping tabs on the global situation will understand that this spreading of ‘Democracy’ by U.S. backed NGO’s usually translates into revolution, mass disorder and eventually the toppling of any countries government unlucky enough to find itself in the cross hairs.

Protests which took place in Maidan square quickly began to turn violent as far right groups went on the offensive. A misconception some people have of events in Maidan was that the police were ordered to fire on protestors who were rioting but the evidence clearly shows this was not the case during the days of the worst violence.

As the violence reached a tipkraineconfliping point members of far right groups began clearly opening fire with hand guns and rifles towards the police lines. Up until that point and even hours after the police did not use deadly force. This was until the snipers started opening fire both on the rioters and on the police from the buildings above.

These snipers were sent in to sow chaos among the people and to ultimately create mayhem in the country by pitting the people against the police portraying the police as being the aggressors.

All the evidence to this day shows us that the events which took place on Maidan were orchestrated by outside players from the get go leading to war in the East of the country with Crimea voting to succeed from Ukraine. Along with lower living standards right across the country.

Number five for me was one of the most heart wrenching events to take place in 2014. After the deaths of two Israeli citizens one having served in the military Bejamin Netanyaho and his government came out straight away pointing the fingers saying “Hamas is responsible, and Hamas will pay,” and to no surprise Gaza and its people payed the price again for something they had nothing to do with.

From the outset Hamas were being blamed for having carried out the killings of these two israli citizens but as it turned out Hamas itself did not have involvement in the deaths rather it was rogue elements within Hamas which carried it out without a green light from the leadership.

palestine derry

The incursion into Gaza lasted from the 8th of July until the 16th of September resulting in the deaths of over 2000 people mostly civilians 527 of the victims were children and 299 of those were woman. Over 10,000 people were injured again mostly women and children.

Gaza has been left in complete ruin the people are only now getting back to some normality but as we see the Israeli oppression of the Palestinian people did not stop with the end of the latest ground incursion the blockade still remains and today restrictions are even tighter.

People are still being abducted by the IDF people are still being shot on the streets and the systematic oppression has been ramped up as a result of resistance against the IDF.

Number six story is that of the conflict within Syria which began not long after the fall of the Libyan government and the huge slaughter that was committed by US and its NATO allies. The NATO coalition paved the way for ethnic cleansing.

The exact people they fight in Afghanistan and Iraq are the very same people they helped take over Libya in the process murdering many thousands of people.

From the get go rebels werUkraine Syria Libyae being trained in Jordan and elsewhere for a coming ‘Revolution’ in Syria. We were told that the revolution in Syria was an organic revolution but that was far from the truth.

Yes many people had genuine grievances with the Syrian government but the peoples protests soon turned into an armed conflict. Weapons, aid & funding for this armed rising came from Saudi Arabia, Qatar and the US.

We were told from the outset that Syrian forces were slaughtering their own people in the streets and indeed a few incidents were this did occur but not to the extent we were told by the mainstream media.

All of this sounds familiar doesn’t it? Yes because it was the same thing that happened in Libya, just before Libya was flooded with fighters. Indeed many of whom were fighting where not even Libyan this has been well documented threw out the conflict and the same thing has been happening in Syria for the last 3 and a half years.

On Aug 24th, 2014 the total deaths inside Syria had reached 191,000 this was double the amount from the year before and the numbers are ever rising as the conflict continues. And still to this day outside fighters are being funded and supported with weaponry by the usual culprits.

Number seven story of 2014 has to be the release of the CIA’s torture report which documented the heinous and brutal actions committed against prisoners held by CIA & by the U.S. military.

In our article : ‘It’s only the tip of the Iceburg : Release of CIA torture report’

Secretary of state John Kerry had tried to halt its release. In a phone call to Senate Intelligence Committee Chair Dianne Feinstein Kerry asked to “consider” the timing of the the release and implying that its imminent public revelation could endanger overseas personnel and international partnerships at gitmopica time when U.S. foreign policy is fragile.

The CIA torture report documents heinous crimes of torture and sheer brutality. It’s not just the U.S. that’s involved either the UK spy agencies had pushed to hide the UK’s links to torture on grounds of National security.

The report also stated that over 100 prisoners had died due to torture. All of these revelations did not stop certain news outlets trying to justify or just make light of the report. Again if there was ever a reason to believe certain MSM outlets are in cahoots with the establishment this is it.

Number eight story of 2014 is that of Scotland’s bid for independence. On September 18th the people of Scotland took their first real step towards independence & tho the Scottish people did not win their bid this time it has the people have been politicized and now have the taste for true freedom from Westminster.

The likes of David Cameronyesno sang for the choir saying that the Scottish people would have more say over how they are governed and how they should manage the economy of Scotland.

This was soon shattered after the NO vote won. It’s in my opinion that the powers that be would have never handed over Scotland so easy and that next time the Scottish people will need to grab independence with both hands and take it.

Number nine on our list is that of the rise to prominence of the ‘Islamic State’ from no where to the best well known terrorist organization in the world today.

In a short amount of time a group calling itself ‘Islamic State’ had taken control of parts of Iraq and had already a hold of territory in Syria. Many fighters from smaller groups inside Syria then went on to join the 2 larger groups IS and Al Nusra.

Not long after the spread of this group airstrikes and action was being talked about both in Syria and Iraq. If you remember back the US wanted to strike Syrian military targets a few months before this episode of the spread of IS which was shot down by public opinion and opposition to even mIslamicstateore conflict in the region with the involvement of US and other coalition forces.

The US led strikes did not have the desired effect after all. The strikes basically amalgamated these groups as they joined forces to face the coalition even still the strikes have had very little effect on things happening on the ground both in Syrian & Iraq.

In Syria alone IS has killed over 2,000 people and counting citing ‘The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights’ this is no where near the number of people who have been slaughtered over the years right across the region by foreign interventions, invasions and occupations. Evidence is surly mounting to suggest that IS is no more than a creation of certain establishments namely US and Israel.

In a recent article by German journalist Jurgen Todenhofer he states that the IS militants are being armed by the West – if only indirectly – as Western moves to arm moderate Syrian rebels have backfired.

“They buy the weapons that we give to the Free Syrian Army, so they get Western weapons – they get French weapons … I saw German weapons, I saw American weapons,” he said.

“The best seller of weapons is the Free Syrian Army, which is financed by NATO, financed probably also by France, but at least by the United States.”

Todenhofer, who is writing a book about the group, said the US-led coalition fighting the Islamic State group would ultimately fail to destroy it. In the end, he said, “only Arabs” can defeat “this Arab terroristic organization” – but the will to do so remains weak in Iraq after many years of the Sunni minority being politically sidelined.

Number ten is theIrish waterir Irish water fiasco which seen hundreds of thousands on the streets in opposition to water charges. From Cork to Dublin all the way to Belfast people stood up voicing their anger at the fact that the political elites up and down the country have been pushing this charge thru even tho the Irish people already pay for water in their taxes this charge was basically a second charge for water.

After many years of austerity and hardship for the Irish nation this was the straw that broke the camels back. Community’s stood up and took action stopping Irish water from installing water meters at peoples residents.

It may have taken a few years but now the people have spoken enough is enough now the momentum of the protests and actions needs to be kept and even escalated. Pressure on the establishments need not let up because if this happens the establishments will then know they have won.

I had to include this story as it did stand out for me and still many don’t realize the true extent of spying going on in our world today so instead of 10 we did 11 top news stories.

Number eleven is that of the millions of Yahoo users which had their webcam images intercepted by UK intel agency GCHQ. Britain’s surveillance agency GCHQ, with aid from the US National Security Agency, intercepted and stored the webcam images of millions of internet users not suspected of wrongdoing, secret documents reveal.


In light of the NSA spying scandal we are now beginning to learn that GCHQ spys just as much on the people of the UK as the NSA does in the states and around the globe.

Snowden has warned that the United Kingdom spy agencies are using technology to conduct mass surveillance on the population. Since there aren’t any checks and overview, the UK’s activities are even worse than the NSA’s violation of people’s right to privacy.

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