Another ‘Terror attack’ in France has everything to do with occupations invasions continued support of extremists in the Middle East.

It seems all these crusades around the globe by certain establishments and their allies have caught up on them. France today witnessed another ‘terror attack’ one which far out weighs some of the incidents we seen take place during 2014.

People ask why ? Why are we being attacked? Well if you have kept an eye on the global situation you will see that the likes of the NATO led bombardment of Libya, the funding and support of fighters both on the ground in Libya & Syria has helped bolster the ranks of these extremist groups.

Not only has it bolstered the ranks of extremist groups in the Middle East but also across the globe in the heart of the countries which have been involved with occupations and invasions this coupled with the constant barrage of FEAR driven media hype by the main stream has helped alienate certain portions of communities.

Far right sentiment has been on an alarming rise across Europe this has been helped by the FEAR driven media and the hype by politicians about threats that just were not existent as to push public opinion towards intervening in conflicts the world over.

Now after the progression of the rise of ISIS and the interventions, occupations and continued support of extremist fighters we are now seeing a real threat emerging, a threat of their own making.

If we want to find some sort of peace on this planet these so called interventions etc need to stop. What would you do if a foreign force entered your country killing your families and your friends? Yes i can imagine the answer and it would not be just to sit and watch as it happened.

War cannot be brought to an end by more war the overall hype by the mainstream and politicos in power along with an end to occupations where ever they maybe will be a start, it’s an idealist view but it’s a view that is worth pushing for.

Maybe now that the violence has found its way to our doorsteps maybe now the people will wake up to the real cause of these type of attacks. I am not trying to justify this attack but simply pointing out some of the underlying issues surrounding these attacks.

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