FEAR driven media hype divide and conquer a tactic used throughout the generations in order to protect the status quo.

What we are witnessing is nothing more than ‘Brainwashing’ pacifying the peoples of nations to turn them in favor of fighting a new & what seems a renewed global ‘fight on terror’ launched by war criminal George .W Bush.managing fear

Let’s not forget George W was told to go & fight this ‘war on terror’ by god! I ask myself ,at that time were Christians the world over asked to apologize for this madness? So then why is it we are constantly hearing about Muslims having to stand up and reject this madness by  few fanatics?

You see, it is easier to create an enemy than to deal with the true enemies of the people who are sitting in positions of power all over the globe. Instead of facing the real problems we are sidetracked by manufactured FEAR to hate & alienate the people who are being oppressed the very same people as us only they are of a different religion or ethnic group.

Divide & Conquer was the most famous tactic used by Imperial powers throughout the generations, we see it still being used to enormous effect from Ireland to the U.S. this tactic is being employed right this very moment in order to divide the peoples of Europe in order to crush any real movements that actually may have an impact or ‘god forbid’ Spark A Revolution.

It’s up to those of us who see a bigger picture it is up to us to inform and continue to point these realities out if we stay silent we may very well be signing our own fate away to those we claim to be ‘Fighting Against’

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