The British army joins their allies in fighting an “Unconventional war” in the information age

The British army are officially creating a force which they say will engage in “unconventional warfare” in the information age. If it was not bad enough having intel agencies, police and many others keeping watch on the people including GCHQ we know this surveillance does not stop with spying on criminals.

With the Snowden revelations we had confirmed for us what we have been thinking for a long time, that the NSA was spying on its own population as well as spying on other nations including allies like Germany. The spying even went as far as the chancellor Angela Merkel who had her phone hacked by the US spy agency.
The army are looking for people skilled in psychological operations and use of social media to engage in “warfare” in the information age, what does this mean? It means that again we have another agency or group/military who will try and combat everything and anything that shines a bad light on the government or military.

The force will consist of up to 1,500 units drawn from right across the army. In April the 1,500 strong force will formally come into being.

Basically this is just another propaganda force to tackle anything any narratives they deem a threat. No doubt even more censorship etc will be brought about on social media and elsewhere due to these paid trolls. Israel has been well known for its campaigns to launch these unconventional wars against the massing opposition to it and its military.

Both the Israeli and US army already engage heavily in psychological operations. Someone has decided It is now time for their allies in the UK to do the same.

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