Alternative media the way forward…

Alternative media the way forward… Alternative media in today’s world is essential if you seek to reach the masses, through social media networks we can reach people on mass at the click of a button, this was unimaginable a decade ago. The power we have to reach so many people gives us a stage on which we can highlight causes or peoples struggles around the world, all the while connecting with like minded people. Social media is essential for informing and educating the masses on any given topic.

At one stage people had to go out and scream over a microphone to reach only a percentage of those that can be reached over social media. It is up to us in the alternative media with the reach we have to continue highlighting injustices, human rights abuses, peoples struggles and humanity’s achievements and breakthroughs across the globe, all of this adds to the collective awakening we are seeing among or peoples across all nations on Earth. The times of things being hidden in the dark from us and kept there at the expense of humanity’s betterment is coming to an end.

Because of this power to reach the masses things can no longer just be swept under the carpet, tho this does not mean it does not continue and things do continue to be hidden from us but what i am saying is as we go on it will become more and more difficult for those who wish to hide things from us to do so while we the people continue to spread the information. They can’t stop us all!

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