‘Media wars- Deceptions and lies ‘

In today’s world of media wars, information wars fought on TV airwaves across the globe and across the internet, we find people truly trying to dissect information sorting the wheat from the chaff to find what is truly going on and then we have those who spout the narratives of mainstream media outlets such as the BBC,CNN and Fox without ever going beyond that narrative to find other sources to give oneself a better understanding of any given situation around the world, and there is any number of those situations to choose from.

For some of us it’s clear what’s going on in the world of Media, Western Establishments namely the US have had a major monopoly on it for at least the last 2 to 3 decades and the narratives those media outlets use and have used,, rarely do we get really good investigative journalism from those within these major mainstream newspapers and broadcasters but when we do they never touch on anything of any real significance tho if it’s a staged chemical attack like seen in Syria then BBC will gladly lend a hand, even editing the videos to suit the western establishments narratives as pointed out by RTs Daniel Bushel, Published on Mar 23, 2014 by The Truthseeker (RT)https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=diyZt.

No…. they(MainstreamMedia) think the populace deserves a diluted down one slanted version of what they think is going on, half truths and down right lies at best,, i will use Syria and Libya as an example here, for nearly a year and a half we had William Hague, David Cameron and the rest of his cohorts cheering on support for Jihadi militants from all over the globe fighting in Syria as well as Libya during the conflict there,
fast forward to today most people now realize that those same mercenaries fighting in Syria and who fought in Libya are foreign backed fighters with no intentions of creating a better anything, only but to destroy the fabric of Syrian and Libyan society like a cancer spread across a once beautiful lands, this scenario has played out on the screens of billions of tvs and computer screens across the globe many times before, the last decade alone has seen the fall of the Saddam Regime during the war in Iraq, the war in Afghanistan, CIA backed coup attempt that took place in Venuzeuala, and in more recent times the war in Syria and the toppling of the Libyan government which seen ethnic cleansing of black African migrants who “rebels” at the time claimed were apart of Colonel Gaddafis forces, in reality most had nothing to do with the conflict but were murdered anyway, many articles have been published about these atrocities.

These are but a few examples of the media deceptions and one sided narratives that come from mainstream media outlets, they plaster their own narratives over the TV screens and networks, and the sad thing is a good percentage of people among us are willing to take it all as fact and run with it without stepping back and asking why? Maybe it’s just too much to ask from people? It really get’s me down when i think about it.

Back to the topic tho, calls for intervention in Libya came thick and fast by the usual war hawks Hague, Mccain, Kerry, Rice etc etc leading up to the 19th of March 2011, the day NATO sent the multi state forces to carpet bomb a sovereign country and sovereign people. Anywhere up to and around 60,000 Libyans died as a result of NATO’s “humanitarian” interventions, the country’s infrastructure was destroyed and that of which has not yet happened in Syria the destruction of the Social fabric of the country.

Green square on the 17 of August ( http://stopwarcrimes.wordpress.com/2011/08/22/al-jazeeras-fake-green-square/ ) 4 days before the actual incident took place, BBC,CNN,SKY all ran with this story, we can even go back to April 2003 the staged toppling of Saddam’s statue, which Robert Fisk called “the most staged photo opportunity since Iwo Jima”

We are very well aware of who funds Russia today and its network but in my opinion they do some of the finest journalism i have seen from a mainstream outlet these past few years, but now we even have the likes of John Kerry laying his teeth into RT going as far as to say “RT is Putins bullhorn” for propaganda coming out of Moscow, in reality John Kerry is a hypocrite so far detached from the truth and realities of the situation he might as well be on his way to mars, along with the embarrassing press conferences the US state department use to push their own usually very warped narrative’s of situations, like Ukraine, we had a number of US diplomats along with EU politicians openly calling for revolution on the streets of Kiev, is this not against international law? What other country would let this happen?

Videos the likes of “I am Ukrainian” which was uploaded on Youtube, Showing a young good looking(To sell the message) woman standing at a barricade in Maidan Square telling us the line that Maidan protesters were peaceful protesters just looking for change, that was all, but it was clear to the world as time went on the protesters were anything but “peaceful” or that they were just looking for change, not to long after its release we also learned that those behind the video were not as righteous as first thought, it happened to be that those behind it had links to shadowy US NGO’s who have been known to be directly involved in staging phony “colour revolutions” in the past.

“Changes in the policies of external actors…a major shift in US policies toward the promotion of human rights and democracy in other countries…”. American international NGOs (“Ingos”) were prominent mechanisms through which this causal link between superpower foreign policy interests and regime change worked out in many transitions from authoritarian rule in the twenty-one-year-long “third wave”. The principal argument is that the main and direct causes of the color revolutions were and still are United States foreign-policy interests (strategic expansion, energy security and the war on terrorism) as they are serviced by Ingos. Without the intervention of these US-sponsored Ingos, the political landscapes in countries like Georgia, Ukraine and Kyrgyzstan would not have been repainted in new colors like the US desired.

“…power does its work by stealth, and the powerful can subsequently deny that their strength was ever used at all.”

Salman Rushdie, Shalimar the Clown (2005)

In the world of global politics and world affairs a name stands out ‘George Soros’ a billionaire and self proclaimed activist who has been known to be involved in the large scale funding of nongovernmental organizations inside Ukraine also Libya, Right Sector being among those groups, an Ultra nationalist far right group who were involved in some of the worst violence that took place in Kiev and now in the East of Ukraine, with the murder of 5 self defense militia members near the eastern city of Slaviansk.These the same mix of organizations who call for more democracy and revolutions outright within Ukraine, the same organizations who call for closer ties to the European Union. Soros is quoted as saying

“The EU, along with the International Monetary Fund, is putting together a multi-billion dollar rescue package to save the country from financial collapse,” he wrote in a piece for Project Syndicate.

“But that will not be sufficient to sustain the national unity that Ukraine will need in the coming years. … Ukraine will need outside assistance that only the EU can provide: management expertise and access to markets.”

This mans agenda is clear to see, for anyone who can grasp modern Geo politics, he wants to see the IMF & World bank putting a strangle hold on Ukraine as it has done with many a country before, Libya being one of those country’s, in fact the week of the intervention Libya seen thee establishment of an IMF bank were there had not been before. Soro’s buddies in the world banks and IMF will surely give him a pat on the back for his dastardly deeds over this last decade alone.

The fact that these so called News outlets continue to spread half truths , lies and continue to shy away from the perpetrators of these illegal wars and interventions sets a precedent for us as members of the human race to stand up and be counted, it is up to us to bring the facts to tell our friends to tell our community’s it is us who will bring change it is us who help fight the information war, it’s not just information it’s life or death for many people this is why we do what we do in the hopes that some will listen and take note of the changing times we are living in, the veil has been lifted half way it is about time we stripped the veil away totally and showed the world order as it stands today for what it really is, a stain on humanity, balance is once again needed, the peoples of the world are fed up with constant war’s constant lies more are calling for change by the day, be the change you want to see in the world.
The mainstream coverage of the ongoing conflict was unprecedented in scale as was the propaganda being pushed by these media news outlets, an example of which was Al Jazeera’s obvious staged celebrations in

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