Young children describe horrendous abuse at the hands of teachers and even parents at in Hampstead London.

When we first had this sent into us i did not know what to think but after a few messages back and fourth with one of our members on our Facebook page i realized this had to be looked into and needed to be followed up  horrendous

I can’t be sure when these videos were originally uploaded but most seem to have been uploaded this month. We do know one of the other videos were recorded on the 9th of September 2015. Supposedly this case has been investigated already finding the kids were subject to some sort of sexual abuse but again at this time i am unable to verify for sure if this is true.

I felt the need to highlight this due to the seriousness of the allegations being made and the fact that the allegations have been made against people of power who work and deal with kids each day. More info about what is happening may come in about this we will be sure to update you when and if more info comes in.

In several videos posted on Youtube young kids aged as young as 9 sit and describe their horrendous experiences at the hands of Priests,Teachers and parents to who i can only guabusesufferingess are social worker or concerned parents.

Over the period of the videos 2 kids a boy and a girl sit and tell their stories of having to do sexual acts as well as having acts done on them with adults including their father(PaPa) as well as describing having to drink the blood of babies and eat human flesh  in what can only be described as a ritualistic sacrifice.

There is no way for me to verify what is being said but i felt it needs to be followed up and highlighted as the things being said are so serious and involve people who should be protecting kids not abusing them as well as the obvious allegations of murder and cannibalism.

I will provide the links to a video with all the clips in it below have a look and decide for yourself but in my honest opinion i believe these young kids may very well be telling the truth, describing details of the perpetrators tattoos, piercings and birth marks on and around their intimate areas, things these kids should not even know about.

We can’t say if anyone mentioned is guilty of anything and it’s not our place to do so tho it is our place to highlight this and bring light upon it to leave it silent would be an injustice in on itself again we will keep you all posted.

Warning: what is being described here in the videos by these young children is horrendous and actually made me feel physically ill.

Video posted by Australia 4 Truth youtube channel:

Here is information noted down of some of what was said and some names and places mentioned which was posted under the video description:

For the record, in case it disappears:

Teaching staff

Christ Church school, Hampstead NW3 1JH UK who’s who

Katy Forsdyke Headteacher

Jennie Kirby PPA and SEN teaching (Senior leadership team, Arts Project)

Louise Parsons Y6 class teacher

Tom Burnett Y5 class teacher

Lewis Hollings Y4 class teacher (Senior leadership team)

Annie Calkin Y3 class teacher

David Polidano Y2 class teacher

Melody King Y1 class teacher

Anna Lawrence Reception class teacher

Sarah Shaw PPA cover and SEN teaching, Inclusion leader

Nick Pegden Music teacher

Robert Spadaccini PE coach

Katie Watson-Steward, Teacher

Teaching Assistants

Hulya Bettle

Nina Mardon

Zarina Shail

Kim Carn

Josue Fornoni

Anna Maguire

Taja Essor

Jonathan Gordge

Support staff

Janet Stokes Senior Administrative Officer

Ann Connock Administrative Officer, Clerk to the Governors

Aaron Morris Site Services Officer

Red Highlights are names I recall from the three videos.

video titled “09 Sep cutting heads off” = Mr Morris.

video titled “231 Papa kills babies” = Forsdyke and Hollings

2 more – Mardin and Shale named in the “lots and lots of sex video:

Nina Mardon

Zarina Shail

09 Sep – School,women,

names police from Hampstead police station:

Dave Williams

Simon Pincen ??

Alice Singleton

Child names their abusive father as:

Ricky Dearman, aged 44 (on 9 Sept 2014).

Also says Ricky Dearman’s mother is into it and she lives in Sheffield.

In video “236 SS and Cafcass.MOV”

Child names:

“Spike” and “Richie” from Social Service, who comes to the school.

Cafcass: child names as abusers

“Holly” and “Ella”.

Not to forget:

Here is a link to a governors info sheet:

[link to]

it names “Reverend Paul” named as an abuser by the children as Reverend Paul Conrad.

Named in video “304”


Mr Fornoni

Mr Gordge

corresponds to Teaching Assistants

Josue Fornoni

Jonathan Gordge

All the teachers have “Devil Tattoos” or “Monster Tattoos” on their privates. Pictures drawn by the childen of these tattoos exist.

Named in Video “303 Killing”


“Clarke and Leon’s fathers killed babies”

“Also Max and Mia and Ella ‘from my class’ their fathers killed babies”

Other schools:

Hampstead Parochial School

is involved.

Named in “302 Distinguishing”


Vanessa Fitzpatrick (Clarke’s mum) – also called “Shepherd’s Bush” due to being hairy.

Mr Hollings (teacher) has little red dots on his willy.

Mr Burnett has tattoos, and is shaved.

Corresponds to:

Tom Burnett Y5 class teacher

Miss Unwin has a tiny wart – Probably corresponds to

Kate Unwin (Deputy Head Co-opted) from this Governor’s info websheet: [link to]

Named in “33 Supply of”


Miss Mardon (Nina Mardon) does the injecting [of babies] to put them to sleep before they are decapitated.

Daniel Felix and Max work at the shoe shop at the O2 Centre Finchley Road tube station

They make shoes from baby skin.


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