Start of operations to tackle Assad by stealth

First published : Sunday, 21 September 2014

After the people of the Western nations and the US decided enough was enough, after saying no to war, no to strikes in Syria (against the Regime who are fighting fighters who are still being funded by outside players some of which are looking to target the very same people now), the backlash from the public was so over whelming it surprised even the hardcore war hawks within the establishments. They were moving closer and closer to striking Syria, but could they be the ones who have the last laugh?

Chiefs of staff in America have said they may need to put feet on the ground inside Iraq. They will not be fighting a combat mission, so we are told, but when we look at what this could mean it does not make for a pretty picture. What if those in power come to a stage where they may need feet on the ground in Syria as well? Then conflict could be inevitable between the Syrian regime and the US.

Some analysts believe this could be a Trojan horse plan for regime change in Syria. That would mean all paths lead to Iran (remember General Wesley Clark’s statement?).

This could explain the exclusion of Iran and the Syrian regimes from any real meaningful dialogue with the anti ISIS coalition comprised of several countries including some Arab states.

The US administration warned that if any of its Jets were to be targeted inside Syria that the Syrian regime would pay, but as we have seen it is not just the Syrian army that have the capabilities to down jets. In the past week at least one Syrian air force jet was downed by so called ‘moderate’ fighters,’ we have seen this on many other occasions so this being the case could the US be planning to use a false flag event like this to create the regime change they so desperately want?

The world stands on a knife edge, if Assad is ousted by whatever means, it will mean the very real disintegration of Syria, and the very real destruction of the fabric of that society. It would no doubt end up worse than that of Libya with the ordinary innocent civilians feeling the brunt of it.

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