The People Are Rising It’s About Time The Political Elite Listen…

First published Friday, 10 October 2014

Back in 2012 spokeswoman for Environment minister Phil Hogan confirmed that over 300,000 households would have fixed water charges, she continued saying up to 90% of households, which can be metered will be metered by the end of 2014 at a cost of 500m Euros, Of tax payers money.

Along with the huge price tag for the installation of these meters Taoiseach Enda Kenny revealed that the expected annual bill for water would be around 240 Euros, with a standing charge of 50 Euros.

People have already been paying for these water taxes. We are now seeing nation wide movements of the people against the installation of the water meters along with the charges forced upon them.Irish waterir

With daily protests and demonstrations from Cork to Dundalk, along with the sometimes heavy handed tactics of the Garda Siochana and even the workers themselves striking out at protestors. It’s encouraging to see that grass roots movements are growing faster than ever before in opposition to Austerity, Bank Bailouts, the wholesale of our nations national resources.

It’s crucial that people show their anger towards the status quo, turning a blind eye is not an option anymore…

The installations have not been going as planned it would seem as workers struggle to install anywhere, everywhere Irish water go the Irish people will be found, in opposition, those in power don’t care one bit about the people.

Those in power see themselves as accountable to no one, this is what will come to bite them as the anger simmers it will get to the point the people will say enough is enough and get rid of these traitors.

The people see this charge for a basic human right as a scandal and rightfully so. Tomorrow 11/10/2014 people will gather in Dublin from all over Ireland in what will be one of the largest national demonstrations in decades in opposition to the immoral and unfair taxation of water, if you can get there you should it’s time to fight back as a nation…

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