Western Powers Rebel Against Truth

I watched CITIZENFOUR last night on channel 4, it’s the documentary on Edward Snowdens leak of documents which showed the mass surveillance by Western powers on millions of innocent people worldwide. It’s a hell of a documentary and deservedly so, it received an oscar. I have a lot of respect for Edward Snowden.
Tonight I also watched ‘Kill The Messenger’. It’s the true story of a investigative journalist called Gary Webb who discovered the CIA where taking cocaine from the militia, the contras in Nicargua and flooding it into the United States. I’ve heard about this story before but was happy to hear there was going to be a film made on it (highly recommend it).

Whole cities were ravaged for years with crack cocaine. In return for all the cocaine the contras wanted firearms so they could terrorize the people of that country who wanted nothing more than to live peacefully under the new socialist Sandinista government of Nicaragua.
It was a win win situation for the US gov. they could supply communities in their own country, such as L.A with a never-ending supply of cocaine, increasing crime which in turn increased the prison population to which the private prison industry was very happy to accommodate.

Also the democratically elected government of Nicargua based on a socialist economy (which America doesn’t favor too much) could be overthrown. The country would then never progress.
Gary Webb broke this story and had his reputation tarnished for telling the truth. For years he could not get work just because he broke a story that showed his government for what it really was. On Dec 10, 2004 he was suicide d.

The stories that Edward Snowden and Gary Webb broke should serve as a reminder to the people of the world how far governments will go and continue to go if we do not stop them from these gross acts that impose hardships and deaths on whole towns and cities. Edward Snowden and Gary Webb are the real heroes of our times not people like Chris Kyle (depicted in American Sniper) who was inflicted with tunnel vision and could see nothing but savages in Iraq. That movie alone denied the Iraqis (who have known little of their country other than that it rained down bombs on their brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers) to be seen as human beings.

Weirdly enough the occupier was somehow seen as a victim.

In short it’s time to start questioning our governments and holding them accountable for any wrong doings. Be that it imposing water charges on a populace that might not have the money to drink the fluoridated toxic water or sending your civilians to go off and kill people half way around the world who they probably have more in common with than the psychopathic politicians sending them there.
The mind of a slave asks “Is it legal?” The mind of a free man asks “Is it right?”

Author : Adrian Hughes TJP (Truth Justice Peace)

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