False Flag Events In The Modern World

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There are many “conspiracy theories” that float about when it comes to understanding America and it’s powers. From the “Who Shot J.F.K.?” stories, to those who believe the 9/11disaster could have been nothing other than a hologramand well placed explosives. But let’stake a minute to analyse the phrase “Conspiracy Theory.”

conspiracy theory
– a belief that some covert but influential organization is responsible for an unexplained event.

It says nowhere in that definition that a conspiracy theory may not be credible, or plausible, or even likely, yet various establishments over the years have “weaponised” the term, in order to discredit those who may favour them, and brand them as “The Tin Foil Hat Brigade.”

So, lets take a look back at some historical conspiracy theories.
First, lets look at the private sector. Many “paranoid freaks” once suggested that tobacco firms had engineered their particular brands of tobacco to be more addictive than their rivals’. This was discounted as ridiculous ramblings of the minority, yet in 1999, ASH and the Imperial Cancer Research Fund, investigated various tobacco product manufacturers and found that indeed they DID indeed engineer their products to increase addiction. Not only that, but the rabbit hole went deeper. Their evidence indicated that Chocolate and other sweet ingredients were used in the making of such products to make them more palettable to children, and the other additives used were toxic themselves, increasing the harm that smoking them would do. BUT…. the conspiracy theorists were mad were they?

Or what about the early days of the internet? Remember those dial-up modems and that awful sound? Well some crazy people suggested that the adverts we were seeing, or having to obsessively exit when the pop-ups flooded the screen, seemed to know what we were looking for, so surely they must be spying on what we were typing and visiting… The younger readers among you probably accept this as the norm, as it is now public knowledge that this DOES happen, but back then, it was crazy talk…

But what about the more important, the more damaging conspiracy theories? The ones that shook the world, the ones that allegedly covered up murders etc? Well there’s always the idea that was spread about that the US government were supplying life-wrecking drugs to the poorer communities… That wasn’t too far from the truth after all. Here is a quote from www.infowars.com…

The Central Intelligence Agency has been implicated in drug trafficking operations all over the world as well as domestically, most notably during the Iran-Contra affair, under which Contra personnel smuggled cocaine into the U.S. with the blessing of the CIA which was then distributed as crack cocaine in Los Angeles, with the profits being funneled back to the Contras.

Former Los Angeles Police Department officer Michael Ruppert also testified that he had witnessed CIA drug trafficking.

Top Mexican drug lords like Jesus Vicente Zambada Niebla have also gone public to assert that they were hired by the U.S. government for drug trafficking operations. There is a voluminous body of evidence that confirms the CIA and U.S. banking giants are the top players in a global drug trade worth hundreds of billions of dollars a year, information made public by the likes of Gary Webb.

It gets worse. There are such events throughout America’s history. As far back as the American Civil War, there is still discrepancies that remain unsolved as to what really happened in some battles. But back in 1990, as tension in the Gulf rose, a young, honest looking girl went before the Congressional Human Rights to plead with them, telling them about all the atrocities that were happening in Kuwait. “Nurse Nayirah” told the world that the Iraqis (they’re a common enemy aren’t they?) were literally murdering new born babies, taking them from their incubators and taking the incubators away. That sounds like the kind of horror you only read in the Bible. Of course the public were outraged that such a thing could be happening, and the US government got the public backing to go and back Kuwait, so Bush got his Gulf War that he so desperately sought. The western media broadcast and reported her testimony multiple times, on as many networks that they could… but no one reported the truth. The truth, was that she was the daughter of Kuwaiti Ambassador to the US, Saud Al-Sabah, and her testimony was engineered to provide the outcome that it effected. The sad truth, was that babies did indeed die, at or near the time that she stated. But it was found to be the fault of the Kuwaiti doctors and nurses that fled the hospitals, leaving them behind. Now, it is publicly accessible knowledge that these are indeed the facts, yet trust is still invested in our world governments despite the amount of times the wool is pulled over our eyes to manipulate us towards a particular end.

The US aren’t alone. England joined forces with them for operation Gladio, which later became responsible for many unnecessary civilian deaths, disguised as terror attacks by other parties, very similar to when the Nazis attacked a German radio station dressed in Polish uniforms.

Then there’s the Spanish-American War. The sinking of the USS Maine is said to have started it, when an alleged Spanish mine exploded beneath the ship, sinking it. TWO american led investigations determined that as the cause. An independent inquiry reached a different conclusion. It was found to be an INTERNAL explosion, most likely a result of the combustion of fuel coal which was being stored next to a room containing 4.5 tonnes of powder charges. Perhaps a mistake, but that would have undoubtedly been discovered in their initial examinations.

Then there’s the bribery and propaganda that took place during the coup d’état in Iran, 1953. Last year the CIA admitted liability for this, a quick google will show you the details, now mostly declassified and available to view in the CIA archives.

Also newly declassified, are files that suggest that the USS Maddox incident, or the Gulf of Tonkin incident, was a false flag operation by the NSA. It used manufactured radar signatures to make it appear the on the second incident that there were North Vietnamese Naval vessels present,when in fact there were not.

The list goes on. At the time these incidents occurred, any suggestion that our governments were being dishonest would have been either laughed at, or punishable. Yet now we know for a fact, that the “Tin Foil Hat Brigade” were right in these instances to suggest foul play by a “covert but influential organization.”

So what about today? What recent events have conspiracy theories surrounding them, and are they credible?
Let’s start in Ukraine. When the Western Media portrayed what was happening during the sniper shootings in Odessa, they told us that there were snipers both sides, shooting eachother. However, medical examiners have deduced that all the casualties that resulted from said snipers were shot from the same point of origin, with even some of the ballistics matching up. It just so happens, that three weeks prior to this awful, awful event, American private military travelled to the area. I do not know under which name they travelled, they have a few to choose from, there’s Blackwater, Xe Services, Constellis Holdings (they could potentially use the name of the other companies that are under the umbrella of Constellis) and Academi. It was confirmed that they were there for a covert operation of some sort, but it is not known what.
It is also believed, and highly probable, that the United States are responsible for placing Poroshenko into power in Ukraine, and raising the U.D.A., the army that then began searching for Jews to purge in Eastern Ukraine soon after, shooting civilians, causing so much unrest that the locals were forced to take up arms to defend their houses and towns.These innocents have now been branded by the US, with absolutely no evidence, as Pro-Russian Separatists/Rebels, and they are accusing them of shooting at and firing shells/explosives at their own town. That is already proved to be lies. Members of the Ukrainian Army have been stopped and interviewed by civilians at checkpoints, and it has been revealed that the soldiers in the Ukrainian Army have been told the same lies, but now see that it is not true. Many of them are already distraught at the fact that they are firing on their own people, on their own towns, but feel that they have no choice, as they have been threatened with 30 years in military prison if they do not follow the orders. Imagine that for a second. Being placed in an armoured vehicle with your peers, then told to fire shells at cities and towns that you may have called home, or home to relatives, and if you don’t do it, then you face 30 years imprisonment, or in some cases, you would be shot yourself. There are many victims on many levels in this conflict. And the West insist that Russia is behind it all, that these civilians are not just taking up arms to protect their homes, their families, their country, that they are being secretly armed, and encouraged by Russia. Aside from the recent apparent accident where a routine Russian patrol appeared to temporarily cross the border in an area where it is not clearly mapped, all Russia has done is asked the world to come and observe her borders. And those that have, have witnessed the countless provocations from Ukraine, goading Russia to retaliate, but it has not, despite the US saying one minute that their inaction is a War Crime, and in another that if they DID act that that would be a War Crime too. No observers have seen any military equipment cross that border, only a HUGE convoy of trucks containing aid for the people of Ukraine. And they even accused that of being a Russian “Trojan Horse.”
And there are more things going on in Ukraine, that are not reported in the West, and things that are being reported in the West that are NOT going on in Ukraine.

Then there’s Gaza. An American blogger/political activist recently uploaded a video to YouTube, which depicted many many bodies laid out underneath sheets, but you could clearly see them moving. According to Pam Geller, who I am guessing cannot speak or read Arabic, this was footage from Gaza, recently, showing that they were lying about people being killed, suggesting that it was a stunt to trick the western media into thinking that people were dying when they are not. Well, there were literally thousands that died at the hands of Israelis in Gaza. The footage she was attempting to pass off, was actually part of a protest in EGYPT, and filmed OVER A YEAR AGO… She of course was relying on the western population not being able to understand the Arabic, which clearly states this. Now maybe it was deliberate, maybe it was misinformed. But misinformation in any form, innocent or not, is a dangerous, dangerous thing. After all, it launched the Gulf War, the Spanish-American War, and has resulted in the loss of life the globe over at some point or another.

What concerns me is that despite the growing number of people that now DO question the media, they DO question the authorities over us, they do not use their voice. They MUST speak out against this injustice. A government is there to serve a country’s people to the best of its abilities, in the interest of the PEOPLE. The role of a media corporation is to inform us of the FACTS, the REAL EVENTS going on around the world today. The press should not be for sale, or follow any agenda other than to bring the TRUTH to the world.And the government need to be reminded, that we, the people, have the power, we, the people, have the rights, and we, the people have the numbers. This is OUR world. we should not allow them to use our flags, and our names, and our taxes, to fulfill their own agenda.
A world without deception is the first step towards true peace.

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