Children as young as 12 years of age taken and locked up in Israeli jails

When i look at the gross violations and abuses laid upon the people of Palestine i am filled with anger and a sense of dread for those people but when i hear about the mass abuses which are not only laid upon men and women but the children of Palestine it hurts.

Israel is no stranger in labeling children as legitimate targets both for offensive operations, or the daily and nightly raids by the IDF, even going as far using them as human shieldspalestineChildren.

A representative for minors detained by Israeli forces has said that over 99 children are being held in Ofer Jail 22 of which suffer from serious medical conditions needing constant care.

It seems the Israeli justice system does not differentiate between adults and children with a total disregard for age which is a violation of children’s rights and laws.

In a statement by the Palestinian prisoners society stating that most of the children being held in Ofer prison were detained by Israeli forces conducting nightly raids snatching young ones as they go along.

If this was not bad enough the children are detained and investigated without the presence of an adult or legal representative. Where in the world would this be accepted as normal? We hear very little on this situation this is why we felt the need to highlight it.

Statistics show that yearly over 1,000 children are detained in the West bank alone, usually on the charge of stone throwing or civil disobedience. Between 500 and 700 children are then sent before the judge allowing prosecutions of children as young as 12 years of age which UNICEF says is only practiced by Israel.

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