Wikileaks release transcripts showing that the German govt worked hand in glove with the NSA’s surveillance activity’s

We have heard a lot about the NSA’s unjust surveillance program which sought to gather information on everyone and anyone not only at home but across the globe.

Today, Tuesday 12 May has seen the release of ten months of transcripts from an ongoing German parliamentary inquiry into NSA spying, the inquiry was supposed to be in the public but transcripts were withheld and journalists covering the inquiry were aggressively monitored byreichstag-germany-government-russian-hackers police in Germany.

Without effective public oversight and transparency the inquiry into the NSA’s activitys, stated objectives can not be met. On the 18th of March the inquiry was launched in order to investigate the true extent of the United States surveillance activitys on German soil and to what extent German intel agencies cooperated in this surveillance.

The Wikileaks transcripts show us that the BND German intel cooperated fully with the surveillance activitys conducted by the NSA on German soil in order to spy on the public.

The Wikileaks press release can be found here:

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