The Wrong Road to Progress

Another great article from our comrades at Rebel City Writers

Rebel City Writers


You could say it’s a rant about something meaningless but it’s an issue that has dogged political groups in opposition since their very beginning of said opposition. It’s a necessity to centralize the struggle against right wing forces in their own context and playing field, the Dáil. If we confine ourselves to the limitations imposed on us then we accept the rules of our enemies who seek to destroy us.

Hence it is our duty to re-define the parameters of our confrontation with the enemies of the worker and look towards other meaningful alternatives in achieving democracy. This does not mean that I advocate for the complete abandonment of the parliamentary system no, not at all. Though I do maintain and believe that instead of pouring such great efforts into the centralization of authority there should indeed be a greater effort into the reverse.

Real progress will never come through…

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