Declassified Pentagon Report confirms what we already knew, the US helped prop up extremist Salafist groups in Syria, perpetuating sectarian divisions in the region.

New documents obtained by Judicial Watch details how the US establishment knew that the supporting and funding of “moderates” in Syria would lead to the arming and growth of Salafist extremists, enabling the rise of groups such as the Islamic State and Al Nusra.

In the report it outlines the general situation in Syria, stating that internally, events are taking a clear sectarian direction. With this in mind it’s clear that certain establishments,be it Turkey, the US or the Gulf States are seeking to sow sectarian division and conflict by propping up these extremist groups.lockheed

The report outlines the fact that the groups that would benefit most from the flooding of arms and training into the region (with the objective of toppling the Syrian government) would be the very same extremists groups who are united by their sectarian hatred of the Shia Muslim population.

From the very beginning Al Qaeda supported opposition in Syria, this was well known by intelligence services and by those within the establishments pushing for the toppling of the Syrian government. It is now clear that knowing full well supporting such people would heighten the sectarian tensions – not only in Syria but across the wider region.

A spokesperson for the Islamic state in Iraq, Abu Muhammad Al Adnani, declared the Syrian regime the spearhead of the Shiites, then calling for Sunnis in Iraq and bordering Iraq at the Syrian border to rise up and tackle the regime, further perpetuating the sectarian Islamicstatenarrative that the regime was waging war against the Sunni population.

This narrative though does not hold up much in reality. The situation we see playing out in front of us was pre-planned and calculated years beforehand, I refer back to the statements made by General Wesley Clark in an interview by Democracy Now in which he details plans saying:

“I just got this down from upstairs [the secretary of defense’s office], this is a memo that describes how we are going to take out seven countries in five years – staring with Iraq, and then Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, and finishing off, Iran.”

The rise of these groups in Syria and Iraq is a direct result of US foreign policy, as well as the policies of allies such as Turkey, Qatar and Saudi Arabia which have previously and still do support the extremist groups in Syria, the sectarian division has been perpetuated throughout the region by the rise of these groups and the media pushing a false narrative of the situation taking place in the Middle East.

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