Mainstream media fail to report Ukrainian violations of Minsk agreement . . .

As the conflict in Ukraine drags on, the mainstream media still continue to spout the narrative that Russian armed forces are invading, with no evidence to back up those claims. Fighters, apart of the defense militias, stated that there are no active military personnel on the ground there, but there are of course volunteers – not only from Russia, Ukraine or other Baltic states but across the globe people volunteer to fight against the Fascist forces in donetsk-10.sithe East of the country.

The Minsk agreement was agreed on in September of last year. The agreement set out points to which both sides would have to comply, and since the agreement was signed last year there has been many violations, evidence clearly showing that Ukraine’s shelling of residential areas has continued and now it has been confirmed that the Ukraine armed forces have moved heavy weapons back into the areas which they were supposed to be moved from.

In the agreement the points that both sides were supposed to comply with were as follows:

1. A general ceasefire from midnight tomorrow night (10pm GMT on Saturday, September 2014).

2. Both sides withdraw their heavy artillery and rocket systems out of range of the front lines. The Ukrainians must withdraw at least 50 kilometer’s from the current line of contact, while the separatists must pull back their guns the same distance from the original ceasefire line agreed in a September 19 protocol.

3. A full exchange of all prisoners and hostages held by either side, to be completed within five days of the withdrawal of artillery.

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4. Kiev grants a full amnesty to those involved in the separatist cause.

5. Foreign troops and military equipment leave the country. “Illegal armed groups” give up their weapons.

6. The Ukrainian parliament grants “special status” to the Luhansk and Donetsk regions within Ukraine.

7. Local elections in Luhansk and Donetsk recognized by both sides.

8. Ukraine changes its constitution to devolve sweeping powers to the eastern regions, including the right to raise their own police forces and choose their own official languages.

9. The Ukrainian government reinstates central government funding for public services in separatist held areas, and unfreezes the banking system (France and Germany have promised to help to restore the financial system in the conflict zone).

10. After elections and constitutional reform, Ukrainian forces take full control of the state border with Russia, much of which is currently controlled by the separatists.

Fierce clashes still continue and the shelling of residential areas continues with the support and backing of the US. The US state department fails to acknowledge that the shelling and use of banned weaponry is happening, laying all blame solely at the door of the self defense militias, and of course Russia.

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