Zyton movie review and the mission to portray Israel in a good light through a huge propaganda campaign

As i watched a movie called “Zyton” about a young Lebanese boy, and an Israeli pilot who’s fighter jet had been shot down. I could not help but notice the single sided slant that was being portrayed in the movie from the very outset. A young Palestinian boy recently orphaned manages to free the pilot from his captives in Beirut to then make their way to the Israel-Lebanon border.

Through out the movie the dehumanization of resistance fighters at every turn was evident to me. People who are not aware of the situation or the historical context would be forgiven coming away thinking the Lebanese fighters were nothing more than animals and brutes while at the same time portraying the pilot and his counter parts as the “good” guys.

We must keep in mind that the movie was set in the middle of a civil war when tensions were high, atrocities did happen and there were people who could only be labelled as brutes – but the constant unidirectional portrayal was obvious.

As the movie carried on I could not help but think about an article I had read earlier in the week on how certain characters within Hollywood and the movie industry in general seek to portray a more positive image of Israel to the world while demonizing their enemies.

During 2014 Wiki-leaks revealed documents that shun a light on the murky on goings in Hollywood.  It’s no big secret who created the foundations of the movie industry in the US, Zionism has always been part of this industry but now more than ever we see Zionist policies being put into action.

Press TV documentary on Zionist control of Hollywood.

( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jtwRSwRm7_g )

The archived documents shows us a clear pattern of support for Israel and its Zionist policies both before and after the last offensive on the Gaza strip by Israel. Operation Protective Edge was launched in 2014 – the brutal assault left over 2,000 people dead mostly women and children and leaving almost 150,000 people homeless. Throughout the offensive; infrastructure and even U.N. schools were systematically targeted by air-strikes leaving scores dead including U.N. staff who were on the ground at the time.

Noam Chomsky discusses the Palestinian situation

As the world shrieks at the horrendous crimes inflicted on the Palestinian people as well as the incursions into Syria by the Israeli air-force; certain organizations and individuals, such as western media outlets and Hollywood, seek to cover up the crimes and injustices in order to portray Israel in a better light.

In 2014 a United Nations panel issued a report which stated Israel may have deliberately targeted civilians as well as Palestinian armed groups, but its clear to me Israel has and continues to commit human rights abuses against the Palestinian people, occupation continues as does the blockade on Gaza.

It’s up to us, the people, to keep highlighting the crimes and injustices. The mass rallies in support of the people of Palestine should not just stop after the bombs stop falling, we must continue to stand up and speak out. There will never be peace in the world while Palestine remains in bondage.

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