Greece subjected to economic terror under the threat of financial collapse of the countries economy . . .

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After everything the Greek government has capitulated to the EU and IMF, after vowing to fight the austere measures that have been a scourge on Greece for years, this capitulation was a  sell out of the people and a sign of things to come. A sign that no matter what, change cannot come through the parliamentary path.

This was a coup in everything but name, the EU and IMF committed economic terrorism in an attempt to subdue and to crush the peoples spirit. It’s clear to us now that Mr.Tsipras has sold out the people and will be implementing austere measures on behalf of the EU and IMF.

Former finance minister Yanis Varavakis was quoted as saying

“Germany won’t spare Greek pain – it has an interest in breaking us”

The Greek Parliament voted in favor of the 13 billion austerity measures but MP’s within Syriza rebelled against the decision to accept this new round of measures. The circus continues and the people are furious, the people feel they have betrayed by Tsipras – especially after his election pledges to fight austerity – and they would be right.

Today, 20/07/2015, Greece is no longer in default on IMF repayments after coughing up over 2 billion Euros. Despite some prominent MP’s within Syriza rebelling against proposals to pay creditors, 250 MP’s voted in favor of these proposals and only 30 MP’s stood in opposition with another 8 abstaining from the vote.

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