Anti-internment March, Belfast 2015

On the 19th of August the annual march against internment will take place. Each year the march has grown and each year the message has gotten louder that the people are against internment and those who carry out the deeds.

The anti-internment march which is set to take place will see thousands on the streets in opposition to the injustices laid upon political activists.
 In past years the march has been attacked by Loyalists but still the march went ahead, for me it was reminiscent of the Civil rights marches taking place in the 60s and 70s the likes of the march which was attacked on Burntollet Bridge paving the way to Bloody Sunday.
This year Loyalists have vowed to stop the march and have called on people to take to the streets in opposition. Internment is seen as being a thing of the past a thing that has gone away and now does not exist in Ireland, but the truth is internment is here and it does not discriminate. Internment can be used against anyone at anytime for unknown reasons as a lot of the time security services do not need to provide the evidence against the person.
Internment here is no myth – it exists and there are many examples to choose from:- Martin Corey, Marian Price, Stephen Murney, the list goes on. My point is this: no one knows who will be next in the long line of people who have been locked up as a result of spurious evidence. I hope we will not see any violence towards the march, but going on events in recent years violence seems likely. However the marchers should do as they have every year and carry on with their heads held high and just let the world see Loyalism for what it is.
Gerard Dinnen

7 thoughts on “Anti-internment March, Belfast 2015

  1. Hi thanks for taken time to reply keep fighting the good fight the Celtic are 100% behind yous Oh there is no on the fly big brothers watching hay but fuck them lol good luck to you and those all around you !


    1. Thanks for your support – All credit for this coverage must go to my colleague though – he’s the one out there today, just reporting back to me.
      Taking the time to engage with our readers is of paramount importance to us – we do all this for you, and are always looking for ways we can hear from you what issues YOU think are important. We have a Think Tank group on Google+ if you would be interested?


  2. thanks mate for delivering the facts and thanks for enviting me to the think tank but a don’t do interaction other than on wordpress and celtic media am famous for typo errors amongst celtic alternative media sites a just like to reblog via word press all things related to the Celtic nations politics football and food as a like to promote healthy living amongst celtic fans and readers of my blog hope ur weekend is going well feel free to chat to commenters on my site we have celts from all around the world pop by for news and scores and current issues we are a broad mix from labourers to teachers all celtic minded !

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