As the world looks away, War Crimes continue in Palestine…

I am writing this in sheer disbelief and in desperation that those of you reading this will talk about it, share the story, (and no I don’t necessarily mean on social media, but in real life) and encourage others to start paying attention to the tragic story of Palestine.

If you are not familiar with the facts of how the feud between Palestine and Israel came to be, another of my articles will bring you up to speed here.

While the mainstream media insist on focusing on celebrity lives, reality TV, and who’s dating who, not forgetting of course the international struggles for peace that they WANT you to hear about, stories like Palestine’s don’t even get noticed. Yet this week, Israeli forces have razed to the ground the homes of Palestinians, and burnt their crops, which for most of them is their livelihood, because the homes were “illegal.”

The homes were situated in West Bank, one of the two patches of land that the Palestinians have left, after Israel has STOLEN more and more and more land over the decades. So because Israel have decided to TAKE some more land, they then decided that the people who were living on it did not have the correct permission for their homes to be there.

Did they serve an eviction notice? Well no. Not unless they deem an arson attack an eviction notice. In the burning of one home, a toddler was killed and it’s father later died of injuries. They burned around 18 Palestinian homes to the ground, while nearby, still on Palestinian soil, additional funding was given for 300 new homes for Israeli settlers in West Bank.

I suppose one possible reason that we don’t hear these stories is because the media want Muslims to be the “boogeyman.” They would have us believe that Muslim extremists are the only bad guys in the world. Many would have us believe that Jewish extremism is non-existent, but I struggle to find another word for someone who would burn a family in their home.

Another reason of course would be the fact that a huge majority of the mainstream media is Jewish owned or Jewish funded, but that’s a story for another day.

I PLEAD with you – DON’T turn your back on your fellow man. Watch what is happening to Palestine. Having their land robbed from them almost daily, children being tear-gassed on their way to school, being shot at while playing innocently, the list goes on.

The more such news is shared, the closer we can get to putting an end to these horrific acts of human indecency.

3 thoughts on “As the world looks away, War Crimes continue in Palestine…

    1. Indeed. It’s horrible to see, and though I appreciate the value of lighter hearted news stories so it’s not all doom and gloom, but the world needs to firstly know about, and secondly move towards action against, these insanely cruel acts.


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