Calls for “Buffer Zone” inside Syria get louder, Turkish military buildup on the border with Syria continues.

Death toll on civilians rise as the ongoing airstrike campaign by the US is stepped up, but with little cooperation between all sides fighting ISIS there has been little to no effect in the efforts to destroy the extremist group. Airstrikes alone are not going to be enough if the main goal is to destroy IS.

In a past article i reported on an interview given by president Assad in which he stated that the Anti-ISIS coalition were not serious in tackling the threat of the extremist group. It’s a hard truth to swallow but ISIS is more valuable as they are than they would be if destroyed, but valuable to whom?

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If we take a look at actions taken in the region by the likes of Turkey and the US it becomes clear who benefits from the rise of  extremist groups such as ISIS and Al Nusra.  The transfer of arms, funds and fighters across the Turkish Syrian border has carried on since the beginning of the conflict and had helped the extremist groups gain a foothold and in turn advantages over their enemies.

Refugees flee fighting in Syria to Turkey...
Refugees flee fighting in Syria to Turkey…

When Turkey announced that they would be joining the war on IS we waited to see what their next move would be, and to no surprise IS were not the main target for Turkish airstrikes, in fact the main target for Turkish airstrikes were one of the main fighting forces against IS, the PKK.

Along with recent airstrikes on the PKK the first since 2011, a plan to create a buffer zone in Syria on the border with Turkey has been floated about again, some believing that this buffer will be used to counter act the rise of a new Kurdish state on Turkeys doorstep as well as setting a stage for operations against Syrian forces.

A deal brokered between the US and Turkey to allow US military aircraft use Turkish airbases in order to carryout airstrikes inside Syria paves the way for this long sought buffer zone. This buffer will be 30-40 km wide and 90-110 km long in northern Syria between the two Kurdish controlled areas. The Turkish buffer zone will probably be established between the west bank of the river Euphrates and east of the city of A’ Zaz. This area is controlled mostly by forces of ISIS and partly by the forces of the Free Syrian Army.

When looking at events taking place in Syria we must remember that regime change has always been the goal of the US, Turkey the UK and allies. This goal alone is a big reason for the lack of real effective action against ISIS inside the country.

If we look back to 2014 president Obama wanted to strike Syrian military targets as well as administration buildings, but without the backing of the people and the rising opposition to war Mr.Obama had to step back and take a different route. If we then fast forward a few months under the pre text of fighting IS the US finds its way into Syria setting itself up as it was unable to do before hand.

Will we like many times before see mission creep, under the guise of fighting IS are we beginning to see the official campaign to topple president Assad?

Collapsed building in AllepoWe have seen Syria being flooded with arms with foreign fighters and with an extremist ideology fostered through occupation, war and strife, not to mention through back door support by the US and allies as well as some Gulf states like Saudi Arabia.

All of this has failed to crush the Syrian Arab Army and the government, with all of this kept in mind could we be seeing the beginning of a US, Turkey led campaign to topple the Syrian government. Even to this day fighters are being trained in Jordan, Turkey and Syria by the US to fight not only IS but the Syrian Army.

In Libya we seen the same kind of plan pan out, first calls for a “No Fly Zone” which then went on to be a full blown air and ground assault by NATO air craft and backed foreign fighters which ultimately turned out to be mostly made up of extremists from outside the country. Libya has turned out to be a disaster, the same will ultimately happen to Syria if certain establishments are allowed to carry out their own personal agendas under the guise of combating groups like IS and Al Nusra.

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