Media war’s and the MH17 tragedy in Ukraine . . .

First published on Jul-18-2014

Today the 18th of July 2014 just one day after flight MH17 777 was shot down in Eastern Ukraine and the blame game continues, information is still coming in about this tragedy that took place on the 17th, nearly 300 people died on the flight from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpor, some eye witness accounts claim to have seen jets guiding the jet less than 3 minutes before the plane fell off radar, not yet confirmed but it just shows you how skewed this event is, in regards to information coming out of the east, yet, at the same time most news outlets within the UK and US have decided who they believe was behind the downing of MH17, of course the felon setting was against Russia and specifically President Putin, it is reminiscent of the coverage of the chemical attack in Syria automatically laying felon setting on the Syrian government as if it was confirmed with facts and witness accounts. In the coming weeks information coming out built a picture of deception and manipulation by certain media outlets, BBC in specific, altering and editing clips in a report about the chemical attack(

The questions need to be asked, why was this passenger plane aloud to fly over a war zone in the first place? Consequently the passenger plane was apparently shot down by a sophisticated anti aircraft missile fired by a BUK- type launcher, no one has claimed responsibility for
this the largest loss of life in the Ukrainian conflict thus far. It has been confirmed that the Ukrainian military’s BUK systems were operational at the time of the downing of the flight in east Ukraine.

It’s very peculiar that the flight MH17 deviated from normal flight paths, data at, a website tracking civil aviation traffic, the flight on Thursday diverted about 200km north from the paths the Malaysian Airlines Boeing 777 had used in previous days flight paths on the 15th 16th show that the plane took a flight path which by passed the war zone but on the day of the ill fated flight the flight deviated from flight path which put it right on top of the battleground in the East of Ukraine.

Some have said that Ukrainian traffic control hold some responsibility for what happened and any flights over its air space, why the control center did not ask the plane to divert away from the war zone has still to be asked and answerd( As of yet no official explanations have been given for the unusual flight path.

A supposed audio recording of self defense rebels talking about the downing of a plane in the region,( but before anyone comes to conclusions over these recordings it should be noted that this recording was first uploaded by Ukrainian governments own youtube channel, and then by Pro-maidan PR youtube channels reaching hundreds of of thousands of people in a short space of time. It’s not clear how or when this recording was taken but the youtube channel which posted it implies it was in fact ‘Russian separatists’ who took down the plane. Not enough evidence or information has been released for anyone to be certain who downed the jet but what is clear is that many are looking to capitalize on this tragedy, from Obama to Poreshenko with immediate condemnation of Russia and Russian separatists, in turn the media ran with the line that it must have been ‘Russian backed rebels’ who conducted thee attack.

It should also be noted that the self defense militias haven’t or had not got the equipment to take down aircraft from that height, but this did not stop Obama claiming BUK launchers were supplied by Russia to the defense militias, nothing has been shown to suggest this as being true, these claims and assumptions by so called leaders of the free world not only warps the narrative of what happened, from the outset Russia was labeled as the culprate, with allegations that the rocket was in fact shot from Russian territory etc, all these claims were denied and again as of yet no evidence to suggest these claims to be true. So far the militias have been using simple anti-aircraft weapons , shoulder fired SAMs the same used to take out several Ukrainian military aircraft all of which were flying at 3,500 meters or lower as the equipment used cannot reach targets about that this height. This was apparently a go ahead to let high flying flights continue over the war zone.

Obama claims to have concrete evidence, also blaming Russia for training and supporting those that perpetrated the attack, at the same time saying they do not know the circumstances surrounding the tragedy so to be able to lay blame on Russia is nothing but a joke, as i have said we are yet to actually find out who was behind the attack and until then, the media war will continue…

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