The Syria situation, 4 years on and still no end to the conflict in sight for the Syrian people.

The situation in Syria is as fluid as ever, the Islamic state continues to make gains be them small gains, gains none the less. Fighters are still being trained and sent in to fight against the democratically re-elected government of Syria by the same outside powers that supported the overthrow of the Libyan government leading to the complete collapse of the country.

With the US’s unwillingness to coordinate efforts between the Syrian Arab Army and itself means that the campaign against Islamic state is no where near as effective as it could be if all those opposing ISIS came together and coordinate efforts.

Whispers in the wind as of late could be pointing towards a new and very positive development if true. In an interview given to PressTv by president of Syria Bashar Al-Assad he thanked Russia for its sincerity and help during the 4 years of conflict inside the country. Also in the interview he pointed at foreign backed fighters as being agents of Israel.

The crises inside Syria has claimed almost 240,000 lives up until now, over 7.1 million people have been displaced within the country to date. Many of those displaced found themselves making their way to other countries including neighboring countries Jordan and Lebanon.

Update: 29/08/2015

Today the Arab source news agency reported that the Syrian Arab army’s 123rd Brigade of the third armored division had uncovered a large amount of gas masks, automatic weapons, tinned foods and telecommunication devices inside the Al-Ghuweiran Quarter of Al-Hasakah City . The find has sparked more concern among those fighting against the Islamic State which targeted Kurdish Peshmerga forces with chemical weapons this month.

Another report by the Arab source news agency reported on violations committed by Islamist rebels in breach of the 48 hour ceasefire agreement as dozens of rockets strike predominately Shi’i towns of the Al-Fou’aa and Kafraya… The Islamist rebels threatened to reject the ceasefire just as it was announced.

A real opposition to Islamic state. . . 

In a joint press conference Vladamir Putin said

“We underline the fundamental importance of the formation of a broad anti-terrorist front involving key international players and regional countries, including Syria,” Putin said on Wednesday.

 “We have common views on the need to intensify the fight against international terrorism, which is relevant, considering the aggressive ambitions of radical structures, particularly the so-called Islamic State.

“Every time we meet, the Egyptian people hope to see improvements in the cooperation between us and Russia in different fields, including the economy, but also the fight against terror in a region suffering from terrorism,” Sisi said at the media conference.

“It has an impact on our region’s stability and security. Not just in some countries, but in the entire region and possibly the whole world.”

Russia is now pushing for a broad alliance to tackle the threat of ISIS and this meeting in Moscow with the Egyptian president Abdel el-Sisi is a major step forward in the creation of this broad front.  In the conference both Russia and Egypt agreed that Syria must also be part of this coalition.

In an interview given recently by president Assad he said:

“However if countries who support terrorists become part of the alliance it’s logical to say nothing will get done”

– Bashar Al Assad

Generally in the Middle east Russia’s influence has grown along with  flourishing trade, co operation among the nations Syria included and now an announcement Egypt is to join the Eurasian free trade zone. Come 2012 a New World Order came a step closer with a huge energy deal signed by China & Russia. This agreement would see both countries pay in an asset backed currency rivaling the petro – Dollar system thus marking the end of an old phase and indeed a major move on the global stage as well as thee establishment of a new central bank.

‘The World is Entering a Multi-polar Phase in Global Governance’


If certain countries insist on continuing support of the very same people who they claim to fight against how can anyone trust them as being sincere?. Orchestrating, supporting , funding and training of foreign fighters to go into a sovereign country in order to topple its democratically elected government breaches several international laws including the breach of sovereignty.

Again i would like to point out that in all this it’s the people who continue to suffer from those living the daily life of war and conflict in Syria. Many of whom have fled or tried to flee the region in search of a better life, many never make it to the other side.

The most recent horrific almost daily occurrence was that of the nearly 200 Syrian & Palestinian men women and children who drowned at sea, not always on this scale but horrific all the same. We need to own up as a people for what has happened, for letting those in power launch unjust wars in order to fight the bogus war on terror. Terror was laid upon the countries which took the brunt of that global war on terror.

To have refugees coming from those places in search of a better life should not be a surprise to us.

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