Call it for what it is… A Refugee Crises! BBC slack reporting once again.

I just want to point this out, on the BBC website there is hardly any mention at all of the humanitarian disaster that is currently happening due to that big massive Elephant in the room the wars, interventions and occupations.

Barr a small article on the ‘Migrant’ crises and how Europe can deal with the problem. But they fail to realize the very problem or they are willingly talking Sh*te which i know for a fact the latter is what it is.Refugee Crises

In 2011 Libya was bombed to the stone ages, Syria has been flooded with mercenaries and weapons from the same outside powers that
invaded Iraq and Afghanistan and which took down the Libyan government.

Syria has been under siege basically, i am happy that the Russians have finally decided to go in and help with the vermin of IS. (Article to come)

The continued bombing of Yemen Pakistan etc etc by drone attack, the continued support and assistance to the Saudi Arabian army, which is currently involved in its on slaughter campaign not to dissimilar to that of Gaza during the last major Israeli offensive on the Strip.TheRisenPeople 44

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