Kiev’s Maidan 2.0. Violent clashes in Kiev as Ultra nationalist ‘Svoboda’ party leader takes part in the violence.

The situation taking place in Kiev was predicted before the fall of the Democratically elected President Yanukovych and the government. The situation is a symptom of a very real problem, the Ukrainian people never really had a say in what direction Ukraine would go it was determined for them years in advance.

An overthrow of the government, a war launched on the people of the east and the take over of extreme right wing nationalists all spring from the same problem, that of the US and its manipulation of events taking place inside Ukraine over the lat decade, or even since the Cold War.

This week trouble erupted outside the Ukrainian parliament (Rada) with members of the far right ‘Svoboda’ party, in fact the main man himself was lashing out at police lines. A hand grenade was also thrown at police lines killing two and injuring over 142 people, the culprit was arrested in hours the details came out and shows that the man was a member of the ‘Svoboda party’ who were there at the time.

This came shortly after the call from the Right Sectors top man for Poroshenko to go. A group of hardened extremists best thing i can describe them as are Nazis, they have taken part in the overthrow leading the way to the new unconstitutional government of Ukraine. But now we are beginning to see the start of another overthrow, this time its the US puppets who are facing threat of eviction from power.

A war in the East is still flaring with major shelling of residential communities, Ukrainian military are gearing up for a major offensive on the Peoples Repubic’s LPR & DPR. The fact is most are not willing to fight this war of shame against their own people this is why this war has seen a huge influx of foreign security firms (mercenaries) to come and take the weight of war on their shoulders.

I will be going into more detail in my next article about this, Ukraine is in a mess and is about to fall into an even deeper mess and again the ordinary people have no say.

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