Greatest human tragedy since World War ll it’s just a shame it had to take a picture of a child dead on a Turkish beach before many empathize with their situation.

There is a direct correlation between this refugee crises and the continued crusades in the middle east as well as in Africa. It’s just a shame it had to take the death of thousands on the doorsteps of the West, and then the death of the kids which were pictured on a Turkish beach drowned after their boat capsized out at sea before people started to emphasize with those people, it’s a shame but non the less it is better late than never, but now again we have the usual War Hawks trying to capitalize on this great tragedy .

Prime minister David Cameroon pointed at IS and the Syrian government as being the root of the the evil in an attempt to deflect from the UK’s role in causing this crises. George Osborne on the back of these comments said something similar point to President Assad as being the cause of this crises and that the world needs to act in order to tackle President Assad, but this narrative of the situation holds no weight in reality.


For the past decade wars have been launched, drone programs have been pushed forward, so called humanitarian interventions and of course color revolutions. This human crises was portrayed by the media has a problem for only select few countries but this is not based in reality.

After nearly over a decade of crusades into Sovereign countries launching bombing runs and running the peoples of those countries into the ground while destroying the fabric of those countries. Examples such as Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Yemen the list is endless.

So in conclusion more must be done to help the people that are fleeing their own homelands in order to leave the violence and destruction behind them. A parent would never put their kids in such a danger if they did not believe it was as dangerous if not more than staying behind on land.

Many demonstrations have taken place over the last few days including Belfast where over 300 people rallied outside the EU commission in Belfast city center.  Along with the calls to do more collections of clothes, toiletries and other such items went ahead as planned.

2 thoughts on “Greatest human tragedy since World War ll it’s just a shame it had to take a picture of a child dead on a Turkish beach before many empathize with their situation.

  1. People become refugees and escape Syria because of the many terrorist groups and evildoers whom are killing the innocent population. Not President Al-Assad is to be blame for all this, but all the war mongering allies whom are destabilizing the entire region must be blamed. Zionists are behind all this, pushing hard to create a NWO. I hope I’m wrong, but the picture of this kid in the red shirt looks staged. Too clean for a corps that floated for days in open waters. His shoes still on both feet and everything-else in tact. Conveniently staged to get worldwide attention and enough sympathy to open all borders… no questions asked. Should Syria fall into the hands of the globalists God help us all. Now bring in the hounds!


    1. I agree this crises has been caused by the same people calling for the toppling of the Syrian government, they are trying to take light of what they done by laying blame at the door of President Assad.

      As for the pictures being staged this is neither here nor there as this is but one example of what is happening on a nearly daily bases in regards to people dying on their way to what they see will be better lives away from the death and destruction.

      If Syria falls the crises will be tens times worse than what it is today, take Libya for example…


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