The Syria situation: Disinformation and the information war in full flight . . . Russia not taking part in military operations in Syria. Not yet anyway.

It is no secret that Russia has been lending support to its ally and strategic partner Syria. Since long before the beginning of the nearly 5 year long conflict inside Syria both countries cooperated, worked together and had strong political ties but as the conflict raged military, logistical and Intel support has been stepped up as has political support for the Syrian government by Moscow stopping short of sending Russian troops to help in the fight to save Syria.

On Friday the 4th of September a contingent of Russian marines arrived at a naval base in Tartus City. The dual use port is used both by military and commercial ships, merchant ships make up the bulk of activity at the port.

Tartus City port used both by military and commercial shipping
Tartus City port used both by military and commercial shipping

Russia has had a base at Tartus port since the soviet era, the base holds no command and control facility’s which means operations cannot be directed from there. Crew support facility’s are also limited meaning if Russia were planning on taking part in military operations on the ground it would not be from the Tartus base nearly 25 KM from the Lebanon- Syria border.

Many reports recently in the media that Russia is clearly taking part in military operations against opposition fighters in Syria has been based on hear say, along with 4 grainy pictures posted on accounts linked to Al-Nusra and Al-Quieda claiming to show Russian jets flying in Syrian airspace, pictures have yet to be confirmed as real or even to have been taken in Syria at all.

The 40 strong contingent of Russian marines arrived in Tartus on Friday morning partly in order to train the National Defense Forces (NDF) as well as helping the Syrian Arab Army with both intel and satellite imagery and in the  use of new shipments of Russian weapons. The SAA and NDF have been making major gains against opposition fighters including Al Nusra and the Islamic State (IS), tho there has been some losses including the very last Oil field in the hands of government forces.

Actions taking by China and Russia on the security council vetoing attempts to get rid of President Assad and the government of Syria is not only because of strategic interests or deep political ties but also because of the opposition to the illegal overthrows of governments around the world.

It looks like the US and ally’s crossed a line with Syria only time will tell if Russia is taking part in actions against opposition in Syria but for now the evidence to suggest this does not stack up. The information war is in full flight it is up to us to deceiver the truth from reality.

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