People helping people nothing more nothing less. . . Demonstrations take place in Belfast in support of helping the refugees

Over 1,000 people showed up in support of helping the refugees in Belfast on Sunday 16th of September which have been fleeing several countries because of conflict and war.

Across Belfast individuals and groups took it upon themselves to help gather clothes, food and other essentials out of sheer humanity and concern for other human beings, we also see another side and will of course continue to see people willing to turn away from the plight of these refugees.

On the 27th of this month (September) far right groups and individuals will be holding a rally outside Belfast City Hall against helping the refugees.

A counter rally will be held at the same time outside Belfast City Hall to counter the anti refugee hatred that is sure to come from this far right rally.

Video and interviews will be done by Saturday highlighting some of the work done by people in order to help refugees, as well as interview with a NICRAS representative.

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