Why did a US spy-plane fly over Ireland for 5 hours straight ? Questions being asked must be answered.

Questions are being raised as to why a US spy plane spent 5 hours in Irish airspace, from Dublin Shannon to Cork and then back to Dublin, for five hours.

At first the planes responder was showing the flight as being as a Boeing E6 Mercury, the E6 Mercury is an all weather surveillance plane used by the US as well as NATO military forces.

The Irish Aviation Authority stated that the plane had been in Irish air-space for up to five hours staying at a constant 28,000 feet as it traveled up and down the country in a triangle flight path.

Around 13 such flights took place in the month of August, the US Department of Foreign affairs said: “Under long-standing arrangements we permit US military aircraft to overfly Ireland without seeking prior permission provided they are unarmed, carry only cargo and comply with navigational requirements”.

Still Ireland allows its territory be used by a military involved in wars and conflicts a world over, Shannon airport is still used as a stop off point by the US military and as can be seen by these reports its air-space is used whenever the US sees fit.

This notion of Neutrality in Ireland is made a mockery of when we hear these sort of reports and when we look at the statistics and evidence of US military use in Shannon airport not only for a launch pad to go fight unjust wars but also used by CIA in its illegal and un-humane rendition program.

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