2015: The year of quiet change, the calm before the s***storm…

It has been a while since I have written anything, the reasons for which I will hint to in a separate article, so I thought I’d take this opportunity to highlight and break down some of the years events so far. The changes that have taken place on the geo-political stage are so monumental, but have been played down so much in the mainstream media that it’s hard sometimes to even notice them as they mostly occur behind the scenes in private meetings.

Firstly and predominantly, lets talk money. Bare with me, as I know a lot of you may not want to hear about banking and the current financial market, but I can assure you, it affects you in ways that you wouldn’t imagine, and as most wars are money and bank orientated, the changes that have begun to take place so far this year could well forecast a huge shift in global power, quite possibly for the better.

In the pipeline for a couple of years, China took a step further this year towards ending the western hegemony within banking. 57 nations have been approved as founders of the AIIB – Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank. China, impatient with the way the west have been dealing with banking reforms and annoyed with the monopoly of influence the US and UK appear to have on global banks (even Asia-based banks), the AIIB will create a solid stage for China to have more say on how we conduct the worlds financial system.

Sceptical third world kid

OK, OK… so the bank centers around loans for the improvement of countries within Asia – for the building and repairs of roads, mobile phone masts, transport networks and so on. The key point is however, that this is set to be another vast banking network that hasn’t been stained by the name Rothschild or Rockefeller, that isn’t controlled by the oppressive western regimen, so it is an important move and one that is bound to annoy a few banksters along the way.

China, as you may well know, is also a massive part of the BRICS Association, (Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa). They also appeared in this years happenings, when they invited Greece into their network. Although we tend not to hear a lot of news about the BRICS group, in reality those nations account for nearly half of the world’s population, and a combined GDP of over 16 Trillion USD (or for possible future reference, 101.5 trillion Yuan, or 989.5 trillion Roubles). If we are right in saying that money is power and power is influence, then I think we can safely say these countries have bought themselves a soapbox or two, but not only that, they are extending a helping hand to countries like Greece, as above said, and Russia, who currently chair the BRICS group, signed a €2 billion gas deal back in June.

But it’s not all about money. The two most influential members of BRICS, Russia and China, have been blowing the lid off the IS/ISIS/ISIL fiasco, after the US have spent over a year to do very little against the terrorist group except let more western weapons fall into their hands. In the last 2 weeks, I have daily seen masses of headlines such as “48 more successful strikes against ISIS”,  “Russia hit 28 targets in 24 hours” and so on. Russia and her allies are the ONLY country with actual lawful reason to even be in Syria, after a direct request for their assistance was made by the Syrian government. America has made more of a mess, and has been attempting to throw obstacles under Russi’a wheels such as forcing other neighbouring countries to initiate “no-fly zones,” or propaganda campaigns like the one in which the US so brazenly said that Russia were hitting the wrong terrorists, they were hitting the ones the US were arming and aiding (?!). That press story was very soon shadowed the next day however when the US bombed a hospital in Afghanistan, the only functioning hospital in the region, resulting in countless casualties.

My last comment on banking and the BRICS group is to remind you of China devaluing the Yuan by a total of 4.65% in just 3 days, and the agreement they made with Russia that ALL deals on natural gas, or crude oil, will be herein done in Yuan, and then convertible to Roubles if necessary. It may also be coincidence, but following the Yuan devalue, there were explosions in industrial areas in China. Many have suggested this may be the banking cartels exacting some form of revenge for the stock market event which sweated more than a few brows. This can only be speculation at this stage, but then China announced a new oil deal which is to be valued in Yuan – what many would consider to be a direct threat to the petrodollar, and another freak accident occurs at a chemical plant. Again, this may be coincidence, but lets look at what happened soon after Saddam Hussein converted all his oil deals into Euros – America decided that Iraq needed to be freed from his oppressive regimen. Now I believe in coincidences, but there are business consultants that make a damn good living out of studying “coincidences.” After one too many of them they become a pretty safe bet.

Pun Dog

Now, as always, you can form your own opinions, I just want to highlight global events that I feel deserve our attention. I will say this however: Don’t get pulled into the hate campaigns launched by the papers against members of the BRICS nations. They have been, and will continue to lose large amounts of money with the rise of BRICS, and that’s a good thing. When the banking cartels are the same people that print the papers, they have a monumental conflict of interests, but there is no-one to regulate or stop them but themselves, or those others in power who sit comfortably in the bankers pocket. History has shown us that the banks not only finance the wars, they start them and drive them. And in a game of monopoly, when one players wealth and influence grows, it doesn’t take long before the other player will put themselves in debt just to spite their rivals…


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