Slovenia to pass new laws allowing Armed Forces to assist in the refugee and migrant crisis.

Photograph from the Telegraph
Photograph from the Telegraph

The Slovenian government are seeking to make changes to current laws, that only allow their forces to provide logistical and technical support, so that they can assist the police in their efforts to control the flow of refugees through their borders.

Numbers are increasing along the new route, that was made by the refugees after Hungary sealed their border with Croatia with razor wire fencing. The proposed law changes in my opinion are a good idea – after all they way it is described it is merely allowing the police to receive needed assistance from another public service.

The potential issue with this however, is that the very presence of armed forces may lead the refugees to feel under threat, and we have already seen across other parts of Europe the sort of civil unrest that can result.

But what is the alternative? The struggle to control the flow of refugees through Slovenia has already led to thousands of them having to sleep out in the cold near railways, and with winter getting stronger by the day, this will ultimately lead to illness and deaths out in the harsh European climate.

As sad as it is, borders must be controlled. And with the threat of terrorists infiltrating Europe within the masses of genuine refugees, and the opportunist asylum seekers that have no desperate reason to flee their country, measures must be taken to sort the wheat from the chaff. Let’s hope that the military presence doesn’t spark conflict, and having seen how “new laws to protect us” have been widely abused in other parts of Europe, that the new laws, if passed, are used for the betterment of the crisis and nothing else.

Matt Bolton

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