Shaker Aamar finally sees freedom from Guantanamo Bay

Shaker Aamer inside Guantanamo Detention Center
Shaker Aamer inside Guantanamo Bay

‘A huge win for human right’s activist’s, but Guantanamo remains. Who will face justice for all the abuses faced by prisoners since the opening of  Guantanamo’

It was confirmed today that Shaker Aamer has been released from detention in Guantanamo Bay, where he spent nearly 14 years without trial. UK’s foreign secretary, Philip Hammond, confirmed the release of Shaker Aamer from Guantanamo bay.

“The Americans announced some weeks ago that they were going to release Shaker Aamer from Guantánamo and I can confirm that he is on his way back to the UK now and he will arrive in Britain later today,” he said.

Shaker Aamer was the last detainee to be released from the prison but not the last prisoner. The prison holds over 100 detainees from across the globe, who were taken from their homes and brought to a foreign land never to be seen again. But there is hope.

Shaker’s plane arrived in the UK several hours ago, a private reunion was set to take place where he will meet his wife and kids once again after 14 years. Mr.Aamar paid tribute to his supporters in a statement given after his arrival, he said:

“Without knowing of their fight I might have given up more than once; I am overwhelmed by what people have done by their actions, their thoughts and their prayers and without their devotion to justice I would not be here in Britain now.

“The reality may be that we cannot establish peace but we can establish justice. If there is anything that will bring this world to peace, it is to remove injustice.”

The release of Mr.Aamar again shines the light on the harsh policies the US have followed. With the release of the Wikileaks documents by Edward Snowden, and leaks by Whistleblower Bradly Manning. Detention without trial must be stopped.

Mr.Aamer is looking to bring legal proceedings against the US government for damages done, such as torture.

I would like to point out that the UK have been involved with detention without trial also, detaining people across the North of Ireland and holding them without trial or holding them on flimsy evidence in diplock courts without any jury. Now Mr.Aamar is out we will wait to see if we will get to hear about his experince inside Guantanamo.

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