Profits which stand to be made by having American boots on the ground in Syria is huge

US President Barack Obama
US President Barack Obama

‘Mr.Obama has lied, lied, lied to the electorate, watch as mission creep begins and the conflict escalated’

We have moved on a few months or so since President Barack Obama declared that he would not be sending any troops to fight in the region and as it goes he has lied again. After having the veil lifted by Russias intervention in Syria the US administration stumble to find a way of keeping their so called ‘moderate’ fighters in work, one way to do this would be to have troops on the ground which they have now done.

Those who stand to make most of this decision to send troops to Syria are the PMC’s (Private Military Contractors. See our article : The New Era of Warfare And The Rise of The PMC’s) Millions of US tax payers dollars go towards the ongoing occupations and operations being carried out by the Private militarys on the Pentagons pay check.

To the world Afghanistan is seeing the end of occupation but numbers of those contracters to come in to take over for the US military stands around 30,000 according to the Pentagon.  These figures dont include the private contractors under US state department, USAID and the CIA. The amounts of money that go into paying these contraters runs into the Billions.

We can be more than sure that private military contractors will be well paid once door is opened completly for them to come in, if in fact they aren’t already more than likely they are but the world does not see this as it’s not broadcasted by mainstream media across the airwaves and tv sets.

Russias intervention into Syria unmasked the US, basically showing the world what the US is all about. When the US decided not to help Russia taking on the Islamic State it showed that IS is not as much as a threat as we were told , well not to the US at least.

In Syria today the skies are getting very busy, the ground even more so. Any sane person can see that Syria is becoming more and more likely to be the spark that starts the fire of World War 3. We don’t like to fear monger but as we see it Syria may very well be were World War 3 officially begins.

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