Who are the Soro’s funded NGO the White Helmets?

White Helmets along side Al-Qaeda
White Helmets along side Al-Qaeda

‘Who are the ‘White Helmets’ known for their anti government stance towards the Syrian government and who provided pictures to decieve the public?’

One of the largest NGO’s operating inside Syria is the “White Helmets” a newly minted name for ‘Syrian Civil Defence’ an NGO funded and supported by George Soros which operates soely in areas occupied by Jabhat Al Nusra an Al queda affiliated group. The NGO was setup back in 2013 with funding coming from the UK, US and Syrian opposistion party.

A twitter account owned by the organization published pictures of a volunteer of the ‘White Helmets’ carrying a child who they claimed had been caught up in air strikes carried out by the Russian air force, it actually turned out to be a picture taken on the 25th of September and not on the day Russia struck Islamic State targets.

Again we seen a major upsurge in media activity over unconfirmed pictures published on social media which were later confirmed to have been taken days prior to the Russia air assualt. The usual mainstream media outlets jumped on the badwagon scoulding Russia for having carried out air strikes on what they claimed were civilian targets.

No evidence has been provided to prove this to be the case. The inteligence was supplied to Russia by those fighting on the ground unlike with the US Anti ISIS coalition who rely on stalitte imagery and drone footage, maybe even word of mouth from their so called “moderates”

In the last week or so we have heard time and again from the US state department that Russia targetted hospitals and hit civilian infastructure without providing any substance to these claims. I talked about this a bit more in my article i done for SouthFront talking about these claims.

We will be doing a follow up article on the ‘White Helmets’ where we will go into a bit more detail.

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