Is this an ISIS convoy, and is it being protected by the U.S. airforce? There just is not enough evidence to say that it is.


‘Many have ran with this, but for now I will wait because I am not convinced’

In a video published on LiveLeak 7th of November and on youtube yesterday, Monday the 09/11/2015, what appears to be an Islamic State convoy which appears to be shadowed by a military helicopter. The video purports to show a convoy of ISIS militants crossing from Syria into Iraq while being shadowed by a US attack helicopter, but we are not sure of this.

For the sake of discussion we will post it up, it purports to show a US Apache attack helicopter, but we can’t say for sure, in fact we can’t confirm the convoy is even ISIS militants as there are no clear sign’s for example the usual black flag of ISIS.

What I can say is this does not look like an Apache attack helicopter to me, it looks from one angle to me to look like a Black- Hawk and then from another angle it looks like it could be a Russian Mi-21 helicopter. Both of these may very well be incorrect, but again we have no more evidence to go on when it comes to confirming this videos authenticity so we will post it for you to judge.

This of course does not mean it is not the Islamic state but we for sure can not confirm or deny it as there is just not enough evidence to back up the videos description,

“The USA is apparently PROTECTING the so-called “terrorist group” named ISIS instead of fighting them as claimed by President Obama! This video shows a US Attack Helicopter escorting an ISIS convoy into Syria from Iraq”

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