Paris mourns as Syria burns, people are now feeling the brunt and impact of the continued support of proxies in the Middle East and beyond.

ISIS used the refugee crises to sow fear among the people of Europe, it was Psychological warfare at its best and it worked. We must realize that ISIS is a product of the continued wars and support of proxies to take down unwanted governments or people deemed a threat to the status quo

Islamic state targetted 7 locations, bars, restaurants and a football stadium in the center of Paris killing scores of people before detonating suicide belts. Through the waves of gunfire and explosion’s people ran for their lives escaping through windows and fire exits. Over 127 people were murdered yesterday during these co-ordinated attacks, hundreds more were injured.

News report on the attacks in Paris, 13/11/2015

Central Paris
                             Central Paris

These attacks have had a major impact on people’s perceptions, people must be aware that our emotions can blind us from the truth. France has been part of a programme to arm and support fighters going to fight in Syria and back in 2011 they armed the same people.

Back in 2012 it was reported that France was one of the main backers on fighters going to Syria, having delivered huge sums of money and weaponry to their proxies in Turkey to then cross into Syria. The transfer of weaponry and funds to these groups help turn ISIS into what it is today.

I said a long time ago that the so-called “moderates” were nothing but a middle man for extremist groups such as ISIS to transfer weaponry and funds across without the establishments being associated with the terrorist groups themselves. The veil has now been lifted.

Syrian President Bashar Al Assad
                                             Syrian President Bashar Al Assad

Extremist groups have sleeper cells across Europe there is no real need to try and sneak huge amounts of fighters in among the refugees. they are already here and the security services know this. These attacks will now see more draconian laws being passed in order to “protect” the public. Do not be blind the governments are using these attacks to their own ends too, not just ISIS.

What we are seeing now is the boomerang effect, and it’s the ordinary people who will get the brunt of it. The Muslim communities, as well as the Refugee’s, will be used as a scapegoat for these attacks.  We must focus our anger at the real perpetrators of this, the ones who have equipped these people with tools to carry out such attacks across Europe and beyond.

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