Nearly 1 million in Non-Lethal aid to be delivered to Ukraine in time for winter

Ukrainian Armed Forces

Moscow has called Ukrainian attacks by heavy weapons during this most recent ceasefire provocations’

Non-lethal aid will be delivered in time for winter Minister of Defense, Michael Fallon said. The aid will comprise of tents, heating equipment and 600 sets of clothes for the winter weather. This comes in light of the OSCE’s claims that weapons withdrawal has failed.

The latest truce in east Ukraine was brokered and implemented by September 1st 2015. Both sides were to remove heavy weaponry from the front lines and by in large it was adhered to but people have still had to deal with regular artillery and small arms fire by Ukrainian military, which has also been gather troops and equipment at the front lines.

OSCE monitors have said they cannot be sure of full pull back of heavy weapons as well as documenting regular explosions of munitions that were to be pulled back from September 1st.

Moscow has voiced its concern at the recent upsurge in what it calls “provocations” by the Ukrainian armed forces.

“On the twelfth of November representatives of Kiev and Donbass gave a written notice to the OSCE monitoring mission on their implementation of arrangements concerning withdrawal of tanks, artillery systems under 100 mm calibre, and mortars under 120 mm calibre from the contact line. Now places of permanent deployment of the disengaged arms are to be inspected by the OSCE observers who carry out the corresponding verification procedures. Completion of withdrawal is an important step towards further de-escalation in the southeast of Ukraine,” she said.

“At the same time, recently increased provocations at the contact line, and cases of firefights between the parties with the use of the forbidden types of both heavy, and light weapons, cannot but give rise to concern,” said Zakharova.

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